Work-Life Balance: How to Make it Your Reality

A 3-step process to achieving work life balance

for women in small business.

We all hear and know about work-life balance and it comes up regularly as something we aspire to, dream about and know we could have. But it also seems elusive.

How many of us actually know people who get this right?

Today more and more women are starting up and developing businesses. Many of them have businesses that are achieving ‘peak performance’, leading to huge career and financial success. But at what cost to their relationships and health?

Is it possible to run a profitable and sustainable business without compromising on your health, relationships and life?

Is work life balance possible?

At Love Your Small Business we believe it is possible and we challenge ourselves to demonstrate this not just through words, but through our actions. On our journey we have discovered what we believe are three crucial steps on the path to gaining a work life balance.

Have a read and put them into action – so that as a business owner you can walk the talk and be profitable in business whilst also maintaining your ideal out-of-work life!

1. What would work life balance look like for you?

Establishing clear priorities and goals. Have you taken the time to decide what your goals are and how will you know when you have reached them?

Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them.
Stephen Covey

Often, women in business feel out of balance because they are not clear on what their priorities and aspirations truly are. Even if you can easily list your goals, will you know when you have reached them? Have you made them measurable and are you accountable in someway for achieving them?

It’s no surprise that there is a lot going on for women who lead and manage small businesses. You are likely to be wearing many different hats beside that of the businesswoman – mother, partner, sportswoman, friend, carer, cook, housekeeper to name but a few!

So – ask yourself the following questions:

  • How clear are you on what your top priorities are? Can you rank all the aspects of your life in order of which are most important to you?
  • Are you clear on when you would feel in balance in each area of your life? How will you know you have reached your targets?
  • Do you know what it would take to achieve this level of balance?

Until you are clear on the answers to these questions, it is unlikely you will be able to attain a satisfactory level of work life balance, so why not start here!

2. Getting the balance between work and life

Looking at the bigger picture. Have you examined how your work and personal life / goals / visions align (or don’t)?

Once you are clear on what your priorities are in both your work and your life, it is essential to look at how the two fit together. It’s all very well to commit to goals for your health, relationships, business, spirituality, finances etc, but until you merge the goals into a whole, they may well detract from each other rather than working together, and lead you to feel more frustrated, stressed and out of balance.

This can be a significant stumbling block for many women as they feel overwhelmed and that it would be impossible to reach their goals within each area of life. However this is a healthy process to work through because you are much more likely to achieve work life balance if you look at the complete picture.

As you bring the goals from different areas of your life together, it is possible you will need to tweak some of your goals, or let go of others but looking at all the aspects of your working and personal life as one will greatly enhance your changes of success.

3. Make work life balance happen for you NOW

Take Action! How will you demonstrate that you are committed to making work life balance a reality for you?

Having taken the steps to determine what is most important to you in all aspects of your life, and looking at how these fit together, the final component is to make it happen. While doing the work to ascertain what your priorities are is crucial, your goals won’t just magically come to fruition without effort and commitment on your part.

The final step is to demonstrate your willingness

to make work life balance a reality for you.

  • What can you do now, or this week, to take action?
  • How can you integrate the ideas you have come up with into your everyday life so they become your reality, rather than something you dream about?

There are many things you can do to take action on your commitment, limited only by your imagination!

We have created our own list of ideas you can apply straight away to start integrating your commitment to work life balance into your every day life.

10 Steps to Make Work Life Balance a Reality’

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Work life balance IS achievable and it can be for you to. But you need to choose to make it happen, and it does take commitment.

The most important thing is to choose it NOW.

Catch yourself thinking “when my business really takes off, then I will start working less”? If you continue to put it off, work life balance will always be something in your future, and something other people have.

Make it happen for yourself now by accessing our free download and working through these steps towards work life balance.

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