Mar 08

Time to stop and think: How are you using your life energy in your work?

A timely reminder about priorities and purpose.

Most of you will be aware that we are both based in New Zealand, a country which two weeks ago was hit by a major earthquake.  Our National Radio station has provided ongoing coverage of the event and it’s aftermath, and yesterday interviewed a man who’s home had been completely destroyed. He knew he could never live there again and was not even allowed in to retrieve any belongings. While you could hear the sadness in his voice, he also stated he felt liberated and he saw this as an opportunity to leave behind all the possessions and ‘stuff’ that we spend our lifetimes building up, and move away to something new.

We have reflected on this as a timely and poignant reminder about what is truly important in life. While it is easy to believe (as media would tell us) that owning ‘things’ and having the latest gizmos is essential to our happiness and fulfillment, you and we know that there are other things that are more important – relationships, health, our higher purpose, and the things we do for others.
With this in mind we feel more strongly than ever about our business mission and the work which we are committed to: empowering women in small business to refine their purpose, achieve work life balance and boost their profits. We both feel hugely personally aligned with this business purpose, and are passionate about using our energy towards this end.

Are you happy with the way you are using your life energy in your work?

We encourage you to take ten minutes or half an hour now, perhaps with a cup of tea, to reflect on your business purpose.
  • What is it that you are bringing about in the world?
  • Are you passionate about this offering?
  • Where and with whom are you focusing your energy?
  • If you had to pack up and leave your home right now, taking nothing with you, would you feel good about the contribution you are making to your community through your work?
Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on this one!

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