Jan 26

Small Business Owners: Which area of your business should you grow in 2011?

Where you focus your attention, you will produce your results!

Owners and managers of small business are often multi-tasking, with huge to-do lists and myriad projects to complete. When working this way, however, it is easy to get caught on the treadmill and lose focus on the bigger picture.

When was the last time you gave your business a health check? If it’s been a while, then now is the time to do it!

Use this Health Check to get a clear picture of where your business stands RIGHT NOW and where it may need improvement.

Answer the questions below on a scale of 1-5

(1 Strongly disagree, 2 Disagree, 3. Neither Agree Nor Disagree, 4. Agree, 5 Strongly Agree)

  • People love working at our business
  • There is a low rate of unplanned absence due to illness at our business
  • Our business excels at adapting to and implementing change
  • Our business vision and strategy is understood by everyone who works for our business
  • Our business inspires the very best in me and in our employees with respect to job performance
  • Our business attracts and retains the most talented people
  • Our business easily attracts and retains a steady stream of our ideal type of client
  • Everyone in our business is clear about what is expected of him or her
  • The people in our business communicate well with each other
  • Leadership in our business is seen as giving employees a chance to grow
  • Meetings at our business are highly productive
  • Leadership feels connected to and supported by a strong network of people in their business community
  • Leadership regularly takes time to step ‘out’ of the business and focus on big picture business vision and strategy.

If you scored 4 or 5 on all of these questions, congratulations! You have many elements in place that make a healthy business.

If you scored 3 or lower on any of these questions, your business and the people in it may not be achieving their full potential.

If you have taken the time to work through these questions, you are probably already interested in improving the health and productivity of your business. Use the momentum you have gained in this exercise to act on the areas of your business that need work then address the gaps in your performance, so you and your team are excelling in all areas.

Whether you address these challenges on your own, or employ an expert to assist you, don’t let this information pass you by unheeded.

After all, it’s not what you know,

it’s what you do with what you know that counts.

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LYSB are certified facilitators of the Genuine Contact (TM) Program in Organisational Health and Effectiveness. This resource has been adapted from the self-assessment tool available on the Genuine Contact Professionals website at www.genuinecontact.net

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