Feb 12

Planning for Work Life Balance: Sharing Personal Goals at Work

The LYSB team had 0ur first get-together for 2011 in January.  This was an opportunity for us to re-connect as a team, revisit our vision, goals and strategy for the year, and do some nuts and bolts work on our big plans for 2011.

Although we hadn’t initially intended to, we also made time to share with each other our personal goals for the year.  Given our huge focus on work life balance for our clients, it is only natural that we have the same intentions ourselves.

We spent a lovely time chatting through the things that are most important to us as individuals, and the goals and intentions we are working towards this year outside of love your small business.

The by products of this (relatively brief) discussion were many:

  • we were able to be clear on exactly which things outside of work each of us will be focusing on,
  • we were reminded that we do have a life outside of work,
  • we can support each other to work towards our goals and gently remind each other if work is taking over from time we have set aside to develop ourselves.

We both felt really positive following our chat and moved our focus back to more traditional work related discussion. We feel sure that we will now be very strongly motivated to achieving both our work AND our personal goals.

So – although this process only took a short time, we believe it will prove to be significant in our success, motivation, and enjoyment of our work.

If you have a business partner we encourage you to share your personal goals with them, so they too can support you and be aware of the important things in your life. And if you work solo – perhaps share them with someone else who can help keep you accountable so that work doesn’t take over from the time you set aside to give back to yourself.

FYI: we have each made a committment to enjoy 15 minutes of meditation EVERY day – we both have our reasons for making this important – and are going to support and encourage each other by letting the other person know when we have completed our 15 minutes.

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