Nov 14

LYSB presents our first summer of retreats for business women.

We can't keep it to ourselves anymore!

Retreat-based workshops are our passion.

Ever since we started Love Your Small Business, Janine and I have wanted to be working face-to-face with our clients, getting out into nature and having adventures with our clients. We want to be facilitating the awesome collaboration and energy that comes from bringing a group of women together who are passionate not only about making their business succeed, but also passionate about making a difference, connecting with other women in business and having a little “me” time on the way.

We've been edging towards making this happen, but the clincher was last weekend when I went away to help set up a 10-day adventure journey for a group of women who simply wanted an adventure and some time out. This group of women were buzzing and as they set out on their journey I had no doubts that the support, fun and gentle prodding wold lead to a sense of fulfillment for each of those women.

How does this apply to women entrepreneurs?

While online workshops, webinars and e-books are great for women entrepreneurs who are seeking to create their ideal lifestyle business, our research is overwhelmingly telling us that you want something more…and it makes sense given that many of us in the female entrepreneur category work alone.

Women want to be connecting with other women, learning from each other, be challenged by others and have the mutual support that many are missing within our businesses.

LYSB presents our first summer of retreats for business women.

retreat, women in businessSo we are doing something about it! During the summer of 2012, we will host retreats for women entrepreneurs in New Zealand and Australia so we can bring together groups of inspiring women who want to make a difference, women who know they can create their ideal, profitable lifestyle business, women who want to connect with other women to receive support, be challenged and make progress!

We'll be fine-tuning details in the coming months, but if you'd like to be kept on our mailing list with updates, and have some input into what we offer then simply enter your name and email address below. We want to make sure these retreats offer huge value in terms of business and personal benefit so make sure you have your say!

I'm literally jumping off my seat as I write this, so I hope you are too and can't wait to get the first retreat off the ground in January 2012!

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  • Life Coach Maree

    As a successful Life/Personal Development Coach i am always delighted to discover progressive minded people such as yourselves..thank you.

    • Hi Maree, thanks very much for your kind words! Excited to learn more about you and your work in the future…

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