May 12

Stop Procrastinating and Start Putting Your Health and Balance First!

Having a health coach has really improved my life and my business.

Yesterday I pre-recorded next weeks Profit with Purpose Telesummit interview with health & nutrition expert Rachel Assuncao and it was inspirational! It was a great reminder of why I took Rachel on as my health coach last year and chatting with Rachel again has re-inspired and re-focussed me on my own health and balance (as it always does!).

Do you struggle to find the time to look after yourself?

Join the queue – this is a problem for women everywhere. I have to say that in my experience, working with a health coach is a fantastic way to stop struggling with this and start making changes. Just knowing that I had a session with Rachel coming up was enough to shift my mindset about taking action, as well as knowing that she would help me look at my busy schedule and find the time for me not matter how busy I was or what I barriers appeared to be in the way (moment of self-discovery, many of those barriers were self-inflicted!).

I just had to write and share this post to say that if you really want to improve your health, whether its maintaining a healthy weight, improving your fitness or getting support to transition through big life changes in a balanced way (like having a baby, moving countries, changing  jobs and starting out anew all at once in my case!) then you MUST attend Rachels Free telesummit interview this Friday 20th May.

Rachel is an incredibly talented, authentic and genuine women and she is sharing lots of great tips during the call that you can apply straight away to make a difference to how you feel.

You can get started boosting your energy levels and feeling good about the fact that you really are starting to put you and your health first for once!

And of course, this will lead on to real improvements in your productivity and your mindset, translating to better results in your business! It certainly has for me and for my business partner Jo, who has been roped in to supporting me in all my health and balance related endevours, the latest being my birthday OCEAN SWIM ADVENTURE which was inspired by Rachel and part of my post-pregancy feel great campaign (there’s some funny pic’s on our facebook page if you want to take a look!)

We are really looking forward to seeing you at the telesummit. We have hundreds of women signed up already from all over the world so don’t miss out! Click here to go there now and sign up, remember all the interviews are free to listen to for 24 hours after they first go live. What have you got to lose?

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