Dec 06

Creating the Perfect Lifestyle

I have just spent the afternoon with a very good friend and my god-daughter, (one of the many benefits of working for myself means taking a Tuesday off when the occasion arises). 

On my drive home I heard an interview with author Oli Hille and have just come in the door to let you know about him and his book. 

Oli Hille has just launched his book Creating the Perfect Lifestyle and while the content of his book sounds fab, what really pulled me in was that his core message is so spot on – essentially that the key to creating the perfect lifestyle is that you must first become aware of what is most important to you and then build your life (and business) around that.

I'm sharing his book because not only is this what we (Janine and I) are trying to achieve for ourselves through our business but it is also exactly the message we are hoping to pass on to other women entrepreneurs.

He also pulled me in with his honest nature and down to earth attitude. Read: he doesn't pretend that his journey was perfect and nor does he think ours should be either.

So I'm off to take a read about his 6 pillars of the Perfect Lifestyle and encourage you to do the same, and if you do, let us know what you think!

Enjoy your continuing journey (and as Oli said "it is a journey, not a destination") towards YOUR Perfect Lifestyle.

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