Sep 27

Why many women in business never overcome their challenges.

Do you sometimes feel you have limited options in overcoming your challenges?
While many women in business understand the key barriers to their own success, they often seem unable to actually overcome them.
We've realised this is because when faced with a challenge that they are unable to address on their own, many women entrepreneurs feel they have only two options:
  1. Ignore the problem: carry on as is, ignoring the problem with the result that you continue to lack inspiration, feel confused, end up somewhere you don't want to be, fail to attract clients and never increase your income or business confidence

  2. Pay big bucks: hire a business consultant which may help with the issue but costs a huge amount of money and may not necessarily provide long term sustainable solutions

The other option!
We don't believe these are your only options and because we have come to recognise some of the common challenges facing women in business, we are providing another choice!

If you:

  • Know your business could be performing better.

  • Have trouble getting enough clients.

  • Don't know what your next steps are.

  • Are lacking motivation, ideas and inspiration.

… then we need to let you know how we can help you overcome these barriers to your success.

We are offering an online workshop that will show you how to inject passion & direction into your work by getting clear on your life purpose and aligning it with what you do in your business. From there, you can craft a compelling message about who you are and what you offer that is going to attract clients and translate to sales and profit for you and your business.

We are committed to offering a solution geared towards women entrepreneurs that is:

  • affordable – we understand the financial challenges that women in business face and are committed to providing expert solutions that are affordable

  • effective – we guarantee that you will see results through our workshop if you show and up take action

  • fun – we acknowledge that the majority of you work alone, so we always encourage interaction, fun and creativity so you can bring your full self to your work

If you are sick of ignoring those barriers to your success, and don't have the money to invest in a business consultant, we invite you to join us for our Business Direction Injection.

And don't leave this email without taking action as we are closing the doors on our BDI workshop this Friday 30th September – if you truly want to move forward with your business and are interested in our alternative option,  check it out here 

We look forward to seeing you on our workshop
Warm regards
Jo and J9

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