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Unleash your Power: How to Move Beyond Fear and Self Doubt

Do fear or lack of confidence hold you back in business?

Well – we kinda know that they do, for many of you anyway. In our recent survey 53% of you told us that FEAR and LACK OF CONFIDENCE are holding you back in your business… so you are in good company.

But this has GOT to change! We meet a constant stream of amazing, inspiring women entrepreneurs who have such a lot to offer, incredible business ideas and huge potential to make a real difference for others through their work, but they are hiding their inner power and limiting themselves (unintentionally of course) by holding onto fears and doubts.

So this brief blog post is all about creeping past your self-doubt, filling up on confidence, and squashing that fear so you can unleash your power and get on with doing what you are here to be doing.

This is about action taking!

Before you read any further, please note: We are not writing about this for the sake of ticking off another blog post.

This is about making stuff happen. This is about you Unleashing Your Power so you can truly Love Your Small Business (and hopefully love yourself a little more in the process). So – read on and then do something about it. Take ONE action!


We wrote a blog post about this a few months back and suggest you have a read…. because we don't suggest that you try to ignore your fears – our trick for overcoming fear is to acknowledge and dig a little deeper, and in doing so you can often leave it behind.

If you'd like to move beyond your fears (and we all have them) then take a read here

Self-doubt and lack of confidence:

Are you aware that there is likely a massive gulf between how you see yourself and how otheThe Gulf of Perceptionrs perceive you?

Time and time again I am surprised that people who from the outside appear to be brimming with confidence and have huge internal strength actuallysuffer from huge self-doubt and low self esteem.

Are you one of those people (you probably don't know that we all think you are magnificent).

What is your internal dialogue like?

How strong is your inner self-critic compared with your inner cheerleader?

How does your self-perception play out in your business success?

 If you can recognise that your inner voice isn't helping you to get to where you want to be, check out our post on magnificence .

So what are you gonna do about it?

Remember this is about taking action. Baby Steps. Allow your inner magnificence to peek out from where it's been hiding so we can start to see more of it. Well actually, so that YOU can see more of it cos we already can.

And leave us a comment to tell us about it. Tell us about your fears and your magnificence because your sharing it will not only help you to move beyond and unleash your inner power, but will also give permission for other women just like you to do the same.

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  • Charleybobs4boys

    I think its a progression thing how the fear arrives…I know from early memories through school being told I couldnt do this or Id never amount to much, criticism back then wasnt constructive at all, thank goodness things have changed and teachers are more positive now! I just have to ferret out Miss Fear and Mr Negative and pack their bags!! (with some help of course!)

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  • Great article – thank you for writing it!

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