Sep 16

Shout From the Rooftops this Free Your Mind Friday!

Want to FREE YOUR MIND this Friday?

Welcome to Free Your Mind Friday, where we focus on cultivating a MAGIC mindset that is going to get us where we want to be in life.

Last week was all about freeing your mind by taking time out.

 This time, we want you to ask:

Do you hide yourself away and refrain from showing all of yourself in your work?

Are you sometimes uncertain about the difference you are making?

Do you ever feel self-doubt about what you offer your clients?

This week Free Your Mind Friday is all about getting really clear on the value you offer to your clients and then SHOUTING it from the rooftops.

Women in business can suffer from self-doubt

Women, even those with notable achievements,



tend to display high levels of self-doubt. We wonder when people will see through our front, and don't display our true and full selves out of fear.



As a result, we hide ourselves away, making it difficult for clients to find us, tricky for people to understand what we are offering, and our confidence never improves!

But there's no denying that as a women entrepreneur who is trailblazing a path in your business you have a huge amount to offer. You have talents, gifts and skills that you, and only you, can bring to the world and by continuing to hide yourself and your abilities away you are not only denying yourself the possibility of living your fullest life, you are also denying your clients the ability to benefit from what you offer (it's not all about you!).

Only by getting really clear on what you offer and the value it brings to your clients will you free yourself to shout from the rooftops.

Convinced yet? Then get to work on freeing your mind because…..

Free Your Mind and You'll Boost your Business Performance

Getting clear on the value you offer your tribe is important for a number of reasons. Once you truly understand what you offer you will:

You can attain all the benefits outlined above if you commit to getting really clear (and then believing in) what you offer to your clients.

How to get clear on the HUGE value you offer your clients 

(both current and future)

 I'd suggest there are 3 key steps to this process:

  1. Get clear on what you offer – really nut out the huge value that you offer to clients through your work. Come up with as big a list as possible through the following:

  • Think back to work you have done with past clients and note down as many of their a-ha's, learnings and insights as you can think of.

  • Examine the key solution you offer to your clients, and imagine where they would be if you were not there to help!

  • Look at feedback you have had from past clients / collaborators to see what they notice about your skills and talents

  1. Believe it to be true! This is probably the most challenging part so try this:

  • Write yourself an affirmation based on the value you bring to your clients and commit to saying it (with belief) on a regular basis to boost your confidence!

  1. Go and shout about your talents from the rooftops! Tell other people about it – this final step is sharing this with others so its more real. You can take this literally if you like but we just mean go out and spread the word. If you share (with real conviction) the benefits you bring to your clients, not only will you continue to boost your own confidence, but clients will flock to you and you truly can get out there and make the difference you are meant to be making.

We believe that you can free your mind by taking the 10 minutes NOW to work through these steps – and boost your business performance at the same time!

Boost your Business Confidence

If you'd like more ideas on boosting your confidence about what you offer and shouting it from the rooftops, join us for our Business Direction Injection Workshop. Kicking off on Sept 30th, this promises to be a load of fun as a group of trailblazing women entrepreneurs get clear on their business purpose, align it with their personal values and get set to shout from the rooftops with a dose of self-belief to boot!

We'd love you to be part of our workshop so if you are ready to take action then read more here.

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