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How role models can improve your business performance and boost your success

The importance of role models for success in life

Early in my career I worked with groups of teenagers who were performing well below their best. The aim of the programme was to work alongside these young people and facilitate their growth so they could initially have a chance to see their potential, and eventually would feel resourced and inspired to shoot for the moon.

One activity involved each student identifying one or two key inspirational figures in their lives. The teenagers reflected on who they admired, both those known to them personally and also famous people and would then talk about why and how this person was a role model.

The process always evoked some great discussions, revealing key values, passions and aspirations. It provided someone for these young people to model themselves on, and a source of motivation and inspiration. In addition, it was invaluable to recognise that everyone, including those we admire, faces challenges in their journey and that things don't always go the way we plan. However certain key attributes, for example persistence, hard work, and an openness to learning can propel us through these tough times and see us through to success.


Your Business Performance will be influenced by your role models

Having role models, people we look up to, and inspiring figures to admire can be key in providing us with inspiration and motivation, particularly in challenging times – and a business journey is no different!

So – take some time to reflect on who, in a business and in a personal sense, are your role models? Who do you look up to as a source of motivation and inspiration.

What is it about this person that you admire?

  • Their achievements?

  • Their values?

  • Their personality traits?

  • Their work ethic or style?

  • The way they deal with adversity?


When you think about this person, what feelings arise for you?

  • How does this particular person reflect your qualities as a leader and manager?

  • Which traits that you identify in this person do you feel you already posses?

  • Which ones are most useful for you nurture, so you can achieve and exceed your business and personal visions?

  • Which traits do you not believe you currently display that might be useful for improving your business performance? Could you commit to developing these in yourself to promote greater levels of success?


If you feel it is useful for you to keep this role model in mind, how can you do this?

  • How about reading a book about this person?

  • Have a picture of them nearby to inspire you?


We would love to hear who you admire and why?

Leave us a comment below so we, and other women who lead in small business can learn from YOU.

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