Apr 14

PR for your business: Are you getting the word out there?

Is your business the best kept secret around?

You know with absolute certainty that what you offer is valuable. Your product or service WILL make a difference to those you work with.

Trouble is, your potential clients don’t know what you offer.

Getting clients is often identified as the #1 barrier or obstacle that women face when starting or growing a small business.

The marketing challenge for women in business

Many women in business find that ‘putting the word out there’ is a huge challenge, after all, for many of us the idea of blowing our own trumpet is not in our nature!

So we work away at our business, getting our website looking great, perfecting our products and diligently keeping records of what we are up to… but never tackle the promotional side of things!

Is this serving you, your business, or (most importantly) your potential clients? Of course not! Staying hidden isn’t in anyone’s interests.

Take some business advice and get marketing!

Solution: Do your own PR.

Scary as it sounds, getting the word out there is so important for your business, and once you get started it will feel easier and easier – the trick is not to keep yourself and your products and services hidden away.

There are many simple and nonthreatening ways you can use PR to get the word out there to potential clients and even better, often it costs you nothing!

Our recent experience with marketing

At LYSB we recently felt inspired to tackle our own PR so wrote a media release and sent it out to some local media organisations. Within a week, we had not only had an interview, but we had a ½ page spread in our local paper (with photos) which lead to multiple leads and contacts from interested people and two new clients!

It was a lot faster and more straight forward than we had imagined, and generated greater results than we had anticipated – and that was only one media release!

So – on the basis of our success, we encourage you to give it a try! Brainstorm all the ways you could generate some free PR for your business, or better yet, seek advice from our friend the internet to pick up tips and ideas from the experts that you can try out.

And let us know how you get on – we would love to hear of your successes and ideas and your feedback will only inspire other women in business to do the same!

If you’d like to hear more tips about free and easy PR you can generate for your business, we invite you to attend our free Profit with Purpose telesummit, coming up in May. One of our expert speakers is PR Doctor Paula Gardener. She will be sharing some great ideas on how to get started with marketing and generating PR for your business to not only boost your profits but also your confidence!

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