May 02

How to launch a product, make money online, gain a team of cheerleaders and rocket your confidence!

Would you like to know how we we successfully launched our Ebook, made sales, met new clients, gained an international cheerleading team AND grew in confidence in a massive way?

We hope so, because our decision in September last year to join two Natalies on the first ever WE Mastermind programme has been our best investment yet and we are dying to tell you about it!

We jumped on board because we wanted to take our business to the next level (code for, we really needed to start making some money!) and we are so glad we did. 

8 months down the track we are loving our small business and are stoked with the progress we have made as a result of joining WE Mastermind

Now it's your turn. 

If you'd like to boost your business, launch a product online, make some moolah, get your very own team of cheerleaders, and skyrocket your confidence then find out from Jo how we did it using WE Mastermind in this video. 


Plus! Watch this free video series packed with tips from the Natalies for successfully launching your product, programme or service. 

Check out this FREE WE Mastermind video series by the two Natalies to get the goss straight from the horses mouth! (as well as some great free tips for your biz)

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  • Hi Jo (and Janine!),

    You’ve summed up the WE Mastermind experience perfectly! Not only was the content of the program fantastic, the support, encouragement, advice (and occasional push in the back when procrastinating or letting self-doubt stand in our way) from the other members of the program was priceless.

    As you know, I launched a program during the WE Mastermind & achieved sales from around the world too. But the most important thing to come out of the program for me is that my overall business has a much stronger foundation now & I am a better businesswomen for the experience too!

    Best wishes,

  • Excellent recap Jo! The experience has been invaluable and I love the fact that I now part of a global group of entrepreneurial women taking action! Woohoo!

  • Debi Auger

    Exactly right Jo! The WE Mastermind program itself and the Natalies were beyond amazing and an absolutely priceless foundation for getting me where I want to be. The added and unexpected bonus of meeting such a great group of supportive women (and men) from around the world who have opted to continue our Mastermind Group has added immense value to the experience. I appreciate every one of you and I’m really enjoying following your journeys to success!

  • Hi Jo and Janine!
    The WE Mastermind program set my small business on a track for success. The guidance and support I received was phenomenal. The other members of the group (like you!) have now become my core group of influencers and help me stay focused, motivated and encourage me to play a bigger game. I highly recommend this program to all of your follwers!

    • Hey to fellow Masterminders Jen, Sandy, Debi and Carey,

      Thank you so much for your comments – it’s awesome to hear that your experience has been similar in terms of the double-whammy of awesome content and structure alongside the group support. I remember when we started and hearing Napolean Hill talk about the power of the mastermind, and understanding on a conceptual level… but now I’m on my way to understanding on an experiential level and have seen the value for all of us!

      What will the next 12 months bring for our group?


  • Jeanne

    The enthusiasm of the two Natalies is infectious!

    • Janine

      It so is Jeanne! Working with the Natalies totally gives you the feeling that if they can do it, you can too and sometimes that’s all we need to get to the next level. cheers for stopping by. . .

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