Oct 13

Gather creative, fun and adventurous people around you

Welcome to the third in a series of blog posts about bringing creativity, adventure and fun into your work. If you'd like to find out why we think these are essential elements for business success, check it out here.

Our latest post discussed how you can bring colour into your working life – some great ideas to get you started if that tickes your fancy.

Today, in the same vein of bringing creativity, adventure and fun into your business, we're focussing on the people you have around you.

Why is it important to engage with others on this one?

Many women entrepreneurs work alone, and while this has many positives it also brings challenges in terms of adventure, fun and creativity, including:

  • you may lack the opportunity to feed off other people's energy
  • you don't always have others creativity around you to spark your own creative flow. I know that when Janine and I get together, Janine's natural creativity rubs off on me and I start to think in new ways and access a more creative side of myself than I do when working alone. So if you are like me and perhaps on the less colourul and creative side naturally, then it's great to gather people around you who can help
  • if you are feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed it's easy to lose perspective without someone else there to keep you upbeat and seeing the light / fun side of things
  • it can be harder to create adventure on your own – again this is something we find much easier to do together.

Now these challenges are all easy to overcome, even if you are a solo entrepreneur….. it's just a case of finding the right person to help you out!

Who could you look to?

Anyone! You'll need to think about who you could engage with on a business level who can help inspire you with creativity, adventure and fun, and also who you can look to on a personal level. Here are some suggestions:

  • a local entrepreneur who inspires you with their sense of creativity, fun or adventure (or all three!).  You could get together on a regular basis to share ideas and challenges and help each other generate solutions
  • a role model – think of someone who has inspired you in business or in life, and figure out a way of connecting with them so they can challenge you to be more adventurous. Perhaps you want to connect on a 1:1 level or simply sign up to receive their tweets / newsletter / RSS feed so you can be inspired on a daily basis.
  • a child! Children naturally have a deep sense of fun, adventure and creativity – so find a child and hang with them! This sounds a little silly, but seriously – which of your friends / acquaintances / family members has children who you could visit. Get onto their level, roll up your sleeves and be prepared to look a little silly and you'll very likely see a side of yourself you haven't seen in a while.
  • a friend – even if you don't interact with this person in a business capacity, spending time with someone who helps your creativity, sense of adventure or fun vibe out of work will help you bring these things into your work place.
  • an online network or group who can help you nurture your adventurous side… there are plenty of forums and networks out there ranging from those focussing on empowering your business success to those helping with adventure – so seek one or two out that you believe will help nurture what you are lacking in your work and engage with them!

At the end of the day, as with bringing colour into your business, there is no end to the number or type of people you could engage with either inside or out of work, who can help you tap into your more adventurous, creative and fun self – so go do it!

Make it Happen!

Pick one aspect that you would like to develop – fun, creativity, or adventure.
Think about who you know that could help you with this (refer to the above list for suggestions). 

Decide how you would best get alongside this person – is it during work time on a work related project, or would it be more appropriate in an out of work context

Make it happen – call them (don't email them if possible, talking on the phone will likely make it happen sooner and you can't delay this any longer!)

And as always, please feel free to share your insights, thoughts and experiences.


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