Oct 14

Can you celebrate your own magnificence?

Want to FREE YOUR MIND this Friday?

celebration, magnificenceWelcome to Free Your Mind Friday, where we focus on cultivating a MAGIC mindset that is going to get us where we want to be in life.

Last week we asked a rather confusing question.


This week it's simple but challenging!

Celebrating Magnificence

The back-story!

This winter I spent 2 months working on a youth development programme which is all about empowering teenagers to recognise their own capabilities and then encouraging them to go out there and create the life they want. Powerful stuff.And one of the huge bonuses for me is working with a team of such competent, positive and empowered people.

One evening at our crew debrief, I challenged each staff member to share one thing they had seen someone else on the team do magnificently that day, and also one they they themselves had done magnificently. Now while it was easy for all of us to find the magnificence in other people, every single one of us there, regardless of age, gender, and performance that day really struggled to say one thing we had done magnificently (myself included).


Why do we not celebrate our own achievements?

Why is this?

  • Could we see our own magnificence but were shy to share?

  • Are we afraid to blow our own trumpet and seem cocky? (In New Zealand we call this tall poppy syndrome)

  • Are we so focused on the negative that we can't see the positive? After all I believe we are almost all our own best critic.

  • Is it because we truly can't recognise our own capabilities and magnificence?

  • Perhaps it isn't a strong enough habit yet.

Whatever the case, we didn't finish our meeting until everyone had contributed at least one thing they felt they had done magnificently that day – and let me tell you some people found it pretty challenging and uncomfortable.

So we kept this up and made a habit of it and by the end of our time together, we were all beginning to find it easier to share our magnificence and acknowledge where we had done well.


Why is celebration important?

I truly believe that we are almost always our own strongest critic. Our internal voice so often focus on the negative.

  • What we haven't yet done

  • what we did wrong

  • what we could have done better

  • how much there is still left to do

  • what others did better than us!

  • etc.


And while there is certainly value in analysing your performance to see where you could improve, and in looking at others to learn and perform, there is also huge value in acknowledging and celebrating success as well.

I believe celebration boost self esteem, provides motivation and ultimately boost overall performance.


So free your mind this Friday by turning it around.

Ask yourself these 3 questions.

  • What have I done magnificently today?
  • What have I done magnificently this week?
  • What do I plan on doing magnificently this weekend?

And don't leave this page until you have answered all three questions. I promise you there will be at least ONE thing you have done magnificently.

If you'd like to take it one step further, tell someone about it. Celebrate!

And if you are feeling really magnificent – we'd LOVE you to share your magnificence with us by commenting below. What have you done magnificently! (don't you love the word magnificent? I do!).

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  • I love the word magnificence, it’s long,full of light, taste and power! I’m magnificent because I know that I’m much more than my fears, I’m magnificent becase I know that everything is possible and is already here if I focus.. I could go forever but this is a comment there is o more space;)) Thanks for this blog!

  • Kris

    YES! As part of each Venus meeting, at the end, we celebrate a “win” for the week. It doesn’t have to be business related. It’s to acknowledge that as women we are often so focussed on those things we still have to get done, or our business goals, that we forget to celebrate our wins along the way, and give ourselves a pat on the back. And you are right, some find it hard start with, but it’s a great habit to encourage!

  • Gary

    I like the idea behind this article and love the 3 questions. I have never really thought about doing something magnificently. After today I will start thing is way more often. A reminder note on my computer wont hurt either

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