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Pave the Path to Your Vision with the 3 P’s – Profit, Passion & Purpose!

Welcome to the 4th installment of our Breakthrough Bizness Planning Series (aka BBP). If you are joining us for the first time today, be sure to go back and get started with installment #1 Insiders Secret to Business Breakthrough.

The last couple of posts have challenged you to look inwards exploring  your purpose & passions in life as well as your mindset and how you can use it to achieve big shifts in your life and business. Today we are starting to look to the future (yee ha, the exciting stuff!), exploring the importance of having an inspiring vision for your life and for your business so that you can achieve the 3 P's: Purpose, Passion and Profit!

Do you have a clear vision for the kind of life you want and most importantly, does it align with your business vision and strategy?


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It makes perfect sense to set up a business that helps you to achieve all the wonderful hopes and dreams you envisage for your life right? Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out this way. Many entrepreneurs jump on the small business band wagon without taking a moment to step back and look at their ideas or vision for their business and ask themselves: Is this business actually a good fit for me? If I achieve my vision for my business, will it have bought me closer to my hopes and dreams for my life outside of work? Will starting this business bring me closer to, or further from, my personal purpose and vision?

The important thing to realise here is that there is a recipe for business success that will deliver work life balance AND a great income. If you want to cook it up you need the following four key ingredients.

  1. A clear and inspired Personal Purpose and Vision for your life
  2. A clear and inspired Business Purpose and Vision that is well-aligned with your personal ones above. 
  3. A kick-butt business strategy that cleverly combines #1 and #2 with business models and marketing strategies that empower you to do what you are passionate about AND make a great profit at the same time (more on this coming up soon in the series!). 
  4. A business plan that pulls it all together, inspires others to get onboard and provides you with a road map for getting there.

If you follow these four steps, you will rocket towards your vision for your life and for your business. On the flip side, if your business vision (and therefore your business strategy) is out of alignment with your personal vision, your business may hold you back from achieving your dreams or in a worst case, send you off in the wrong direction altogether! Nobody wants to wake up one morning and realise that they have just spent the last few years on a journey that has taken them somewhere they did not want to be right? 

Wait a minute. What exactly is a 'Vision'?

Good question! Let's back track a little because it's really important that everyone is clear on this. 'Vision' can seem like a big scary word but really, it is simply a roadmap to get you moving towards your ideal life and business. A 'Vision' is about starting out where you mean to end up by exploring your wildest hopes and dreams for your life and business.  Without a clear vision, it is much harder to stay on track and stay true to who you really are.

When was the last time you took a look at your Vision for your life?

The reality is that many of the people reading this post probably don't have a vision of any kind, personal or business! Although we all understand at some level the importance of capturing our hopes and dreams for the future, very few of us ever get around to doing it. For some people it's a lack of time – they are caught up on the treadmill of life, running at speed and struggling to find any time to pause, reflect on the journey so far or to look to the future. For others, working on a Vision sounds like a great idea  but they aren't sure how to go about it and so they let it slide, continuing on as is.

Are you ready to create a clear vision for your life and business? 

Great, because you are in the right place! It is time to stop living day to day and thinking small and to start thinking big. Schedule some time in this week NOW (an hour or so should do) to get started. This is a great step towards re-igniting your passion for your business and boosting your business revenue do delay no longer!

We are giving you a helping hand with a cool vision resource shared by one of our guest experts – all you have to do is sign up to the blog series below to receive your freebies, as well as the entire series (and ALL the free resources) packaged up at the end in an eBook. How cool is that?!!! What are you waiting for? There's absolutely nothing to lose so take the first step and sign up!   Sorry folks, this offer is now offer. The great news is that we have created a fantastic e-course out of the series materials – and it's incredibly good value for money.  Click here to find out more.

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  • awakewellness

    Having a clear and compelling vision is so important for success. Being able to hold a clear picture of where you are going helps you to make the steps every day to get there, and helps the universe to help you make it happen. Great post!

  • JanineOgg

    Thanks Rachel @awakewellness for your comment. We’d love our readers to share their business or personal vision statement here to inspire us and the others who visit this post!

    Our LYSB vision statement is:

    ‘to empower women entrepreneurs to unleash purpose, creativity and wealth into their lives and businesses’.

    This is in great alignment with my personal purpose which is to contribute to social change through the empowerment of women!

  • TamariskSaunders-Davies

    Want what you want. Know why you want it. Stop starting sentences with the phrase “I’ll be happy when”.

    Having a vision is analogous to knowing you want to go to the Empire State Building vs knowing you want to go North East…you can get directions to the former, the later is too vague!

    Having a vision your anchored to also keeps you going when it’s tough…because there always days when it’s tough!

  • NatalieSisson

    @TamariskSaunders-Davies Great point. I also stop people from saying `If I had the time I’d do XXX’ – well have the same hours in the day, it’s up to choose how we spend them.

    This post has reminded me that although I have a clear vision for what I am doing with my business and achieving right now, I’m due for a refresher on where I want to take it and how many people I want to impact. My vision and goal is:

    I ensure you find the intersection between your passion and expertise and turn that into a thriving and profitable business.

  • JanineOgg

    @NatalieSisson and @TamariskSaunders-DaviesGreat comments thanks Natalie and Tamarisk. In my experience people often have many excuses or ‘reasons’ why they don’t face up to this stuff, usually masking a deeper fear or limiting belief. It takes courage to put your hopes & dreams out there that’s for sure and I celebrate anyone who has the guts to do it!

    And yes, being vague is not really helpful when it comes to your vision for your life or business. A strong statement of intent is how I like to view it, with a series of measurables that go along with it that tell you when have acheived your vision or made progress towards it.

    Our in-house (measurable) vision statement is “By 2014 LYSB will be operating as a profitable and sustainable branch of Holistica Consulting (our parent company). We ( jo foster and I, the co. founders) will have stepped out of the day-to-day bizness to provide leadership & mentoring to our terrifickly talented team around the big picture vision, strategy and delivery of LYSB’s products and services.

    Then we asked ourselves “How will we know we have achieved this?” and created 10 or so statements that enabled us to measure how far we have come. e.g getting really specific about our income goals, no. of clients we will have reached, no. and quality of testimonials, how we can measure the impact we are having on the world, what our daily roles will look like when we have achieved this etc.

    It really works and is wonderful for keeping us focussed. The challenge is to keep checking in with it….off to add a reminder into my google calendar now as it’s a while since Jo and I looked at it together.

  • tamarisksd

    @JanineOgg Great comment Janine, having just had initial conversations with my new business partner about what we want to do, the plans we have for your JV, I’ve been reminded that we need to sit down and address our vision and (measurable) goals for what we want to achieve with our JV

  • RachelOgg

    We coined our vision almost a year ago as we worked through Janine and Jo’s program. Our business has been established for almost ten years, and putting some time aside to clarify our vision has been an integral part of our growth and success this year. Really thinking about our vision allowed us to identify some key areas of growth that our business was offering us which we hadn’t focussed on before. Since then we’ve created new products and services that we’re delighted to deliver to our clientele and passionate about building into our business! Definite result for us here at KiwiOz thank you!

  • JanineOgg

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Rach! And yes, Rachel is my sister and the co-founder of a fab business. Entrepreneurism runs in the family! I anoint us the ‘Ogg’s Online’! @RachelOgg

  • JanineOgg

    @tamarisksd Cool! That’s wonderful to hear. Another great way that jo foster and I have shown our commitment to our working relationship is to create a State of Grace document together – highly recommend this as a tool to use with your biz partner! If you are interested, you can read more on our toolkit page above. Best of luck with the JV, look forward to hearing more about it!


  • denissemarie16

    Hello, I recently received an email from the business breakthrough series and it mentioned creating a vision and it was like a project to create a vision board (I think). I never got a chance to go the link to see how I could do the project. How can I go back to this resource? I would like to do that for myself.


  • denissemarie16

    Hello, I recently received an email from the business breakthrough series and it mentioned creating a vision and it was like a project to create a vision board (I think). I never got a chance to go the link to see how I could do the project. How can I go back to this resource? I would like to do that for myself.


  • JanineOgg

    Hey @denissemarie16 thanks for the comment, stoked to hear you are going to create a vision board. I’ll resend you the details if you send us some photos of the finished piece (just kidding, but if you’d like to share we’d love it!). If you still have the original email you can simply click on the link it contains to get access to the vision board resource (generously shared by our guest expert Rachel from @awakewellness ). If you have lost the email, drop us a line at info@loveyoursmallbusiness.com and we’ll send it out to you again. Look forward to hearing back from you! Janine

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