Feb 16

Human Powered Awesomeness from Natalie Sisson, today’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneur!

Welcome to the second of our Top10 blog series featuring women from around the world who kick butt as entrepreneurs AND make a BIG difference in the lives of others (in no particular order!)

As you know, we've asked our Top10 women to answer a bunch of questions about their income, lifestyle and business strategies. In these posts we deliver the inside word on what we have found out. We kicked off the series last week with inspired art-trepreneur Kay Petal.

This week we're introducing some Human Powered Awesomeness into the mix with award winning blogger and entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson (and she's a Kiwi, no less!)

Natalie is trailblazing her way through the field of online business with a bunch of fab programs and resources for women entrepreneurs with a penchant for adventure and travel.

When it comes to our Top 10 criteria, Natalie is kicking butt in all areas (well, some might say she works pretty hard for a lifestyle business at 40-50 hours a week, but does it count if she has so much fun doing it?) As Natalie says..

My business gives me the freedom in business and adventure in life that I want, when I want. It takes a lot to run a portable business and there are many challenges but it's something I've built myself, around what I love to do, and I get to inspire others to do the same…

We've been following Natalie for a while now because you can guarantee that she will always deliver GREAT CONTENT. She's also rather clever when it comes to technological things – she build the Facebook App FundRazr for example, which has now gone on to become the no.1 fundraising payments app on Facebook (yes, rather mind-blowing!)

At last count, Natalie was heading toward 10,000 unique monthly visitors a month, an email list close to 5,000, 3300 FB fans, 16,000 twitter followers and 2,500 LinkedIn connections!

Natalie certainly knows where its at when it comes to building a successful website. The Suitcase Entrepreneur website has grown into a thriving community of thousands, and her blog is awesome, which is why she features in lots of online publications like Forbes, Under30CEO, Young Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. Plus she has been selected by Nike as an 'outstanding female blogger' (really Natalie, talk about over-achieving!)

Let's face it, Natalie practices what she preaches when it comes to social media and online marketing – her Sculpted on Social Media  programme gets rave reviews, if you'd like to find out for yourself. In fact, I feel rather overwhelmed just thinking about everything Natalie gets up too, but she seems to take it all in her stride, putting excellent time management strategies in place (like outsourcing and delegating) so that she can still live the adventurous lifestyle she set out to achieve.

To top it all off, Natalie is great at giving back too.

Natalie does her best to practice a triple bottom line in her biz. She works hard to build healthy relationships with her employees so that they feel a part of her business, acting as a mentor and coach to them and providing opportunities for them to extend themselves as much as possible. Her office is virtual, so it's a pretty resource friendly way of working and Natalie offsets her carbon footprint where possible. As Natalie says 'I don't buy `stuff' I buy experiences' and that makes a difference too.

But wait, there's more!

On March 8th, Natalie heads to Nairobi, Kenya to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, cycling 6,445km over 2 months to Capetown, South Africa.

This month Natalie has taken her love of travel and adventure even further, announcing an act of Human Powered Awesomeness that is hard to beat!

This ride will take her 120-200km a day over some unrelenting terrain and through dangerous parts of Africa. It will be the ride of her life and it's for a great cause too, with a goal of raising at least at least $10,000 for WomenWin.org, a leading global organization with a mission to empower girls and women to improve their rights through sport. This video about her adventure rocks, make sure you watch it!

And if you are like me and feeling rather teary eye'd after watching the vid, then head here right now to donate to this fantastic cause!

So what can YOU learn from Natalie and how she runs her business?

As you know, we've asked all of our TOP 10 women to share some tips on business success. We asked Natalie...'looking back, what ONE thing would you do differently to achieve your goals FASTER and with LESS STRESS'. This was her reply…

I'd be less pedantic about having everything perfect and I'd focus more on solutions that my audience need, not what I think they need. Then I'd just deliver it faster and keep tweaking and improving often.

Hmmm, coming from two people who have taken a LONG time to launch our first product, I think that is very good advice! We also told Natalie that we wanted to know the ONE thing that has contributed the most to her income growth and here's what she said..

valuing myself at what I'm worth and adding more revenue streams to my business

What can you take away from Natalie's tips and implement this week in YOUR business? 

This is the real question! Are you charging what you are worth? Have you got a strategy for introducing multiple streams of income into your biz? Do you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to what your clients really really want? All great questions to ask ourselves on a regular basis.

Jo and I have gotten a lot out of knowing Natalie Sisson, so we hope you'll start to follow her too. We continue to be inspired by the success of her business and the fantastic work she is doing to give something back. A big thank-you to Natalie for taking the time to answer our questions.

If you have been inspired by Natalies story, please share your thoughts or feedback in the comments box below.

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  • Blown away by this, it’s always a little strange seeing yourself written up like this but I am so touched, and honoured and a little teary – in a good way. Thank you for all the amazing work you two do for others. It’s inspiring and your first product launch will rock!

  • Jen Brown ~ SpartaPT

    A great post about a wonderful woman! I really admire how Natalie has really made this niche her own AND doesn’t just talk about giving back to the community. Her fundraising efforts associated with her ride in Africa is truly inspiring.

    And as a cyclist myself, I am *really* inspired, humbled & amazed by the idea of riding that far!

    My best wishes to Natalie for her ride & to you for your upcoming launch!

    • ooooh thanks Jen. That means the world to me. And you will look awesome in your Human Powered Awesome t-shirt too!

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