Jun 17

Free Your Mind Friday!

Want to FREE YOUR MIND this Friday?

Then welcome to the 1st edition of Free Your Mind Friday!

Jo noticed a pattern of behaviour that we both indulge in regularly around mindset – that is saying how important we think mindset is and talking (a lot) about how we are going to start focussing on it, then promptly forgetting about it (yes, ironic!). As you know if you follow our blog, we often write about tools for stress management and mindset has got to be a the top of our list when it comes to reducing stress in our lives. So it’s time for a change!

Every week on a Friday we are going to focus on cultivating a MAGIC mindset that is going to get us where we wanna be in life.

This is going to make sure we head into our weekends feeling great and cultivating a state of mind that is going to carry on through to our next working week.

This week we are thinking like Superstars!

We are thinking  as if we have already achieved our wildest dreams for our lives and for our business and we are making our decisions based from that place.We are feeling the sense of freedom that thinking like a superstar cultivates and we are thinking BIG because we deserve BIG results as well as truckloads of goodness in our lives.

What are YOU going to do to ‘Free Your Mind’ this Friday and start cultivating a success mindset? Would you like to join us in thinking like a superstar?

(Image courtesy of Nuttakit)

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