Sep 29

Two Critical Steps You Need to Take Right Now to Make Your Business Breakthrough Happen

Welcome to the 7th installment of our Breakthrough Bizness Planning Series (BBP). If you are joining us for the first time today, be sure to go back and get started with installment #1 Insiders Secrets to Business Breakthrough.

In the last post we explored the art of being someone that EVERYONE wants to work with and we got a great response – clearly healthy relationships are something that many of you want to focus on in your life and your business. And remember, authentic biz relationships will not only make you feel great about yourself but they will positively impact on your bottom line too!

And that brings us to today and it's time to STEP IT UP! Today, we are blindly focussed on how you can take what you have learnt so far in the series and take action on it (if you haven’t already!).

After all, simply reading about ways to improve your business is not enough. Sometimes a kick up the butt to take the next steps is needed!

So, in the spirit of giving everyone a good kick up the butt, let’s take a few minutes now to take today’s two step challenge. Many of you have done a great job so far of reading the posts in this series (our trusty aweber stats tell us that) and a large no. have also been acting on the fab info contained in the follow-up emails and resources – but now is the time to step it up a little (or a lot) because we have a great opportunity for you. Yes, we want you to take action right NOW with our two critical steps for making it happen!!!

Step One: Take 5 mins to brainstorm ALL the barriers that are currently holding you back from achieving your wildest dreams for your business

You don’t need to think too hard about it, simply let them all spill out onto the page…..big ones, little ones, silly ones, funny ones, scary ones. The important thing is to empty your brain and get ‘em all out there so we can get started breaking them down.

When you are done brainstorming scan the page for a bit and reflect on what you have written (phew!) then circle the 3 biggest obstacles or barriers you currently face when it comes to making your business a raving success.

Step Two: Write your 3 biggest barriers down and email them to us at info@loveyoursmallbusiness.com and we will reward you for taking action by replying with  FREE laser coaching via email.  

Yep, that’s right. If you show your commitment to taking action and really moving towards breakthrough in your life and business we will reward you with FREE BIZ COACHING delivered staight to your inbox. In this email we will hook you up with the key resources you need to break down your top 3 barriers and reach your full potential in business. As biz coaches, we are here to resource you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your dreams for your business and that is what we will do for you if you take action now. This is a terrific offer – and really, what have you got to lose? You are the leader and manager of your business and no one else is going to step up and take responsibility for its success.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how many of our tribe are motivated and committed enough to take us up on this. You can sure that we will be celebrating and shouting the word out about those who do!

And that brings today's edition of the Breakthrough Biz Planning series to a close. Not long to go now before the final edition hits the blog. Don't forget that if you sign up we will also be delivering the entire course to you as a FREE eBook at the end so you can come back to it again and again in your own time. Sorry folks, this offer is now offer. The great news is that we have created a fantastic e-course out of the series materials – and it's incredibly good value for money.Click here to find out more!

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  • Congrats to Cynthia for taking action in response to this post. Expect an email very soon Cynthia! Cynthia has two businesses – iHosting Webs and Treasure of Dreams (an online gift website). Wonderful to know that we have action takers like Cynthia following our blog and on our eCourse!

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