Discover Your True Purpose Workshop

This creative workshop is for you if…

  • you are feeling lost or confused about your purpose is life 
  • you have so many ideas and passions, it's driving you crazy knowing which direction to go in; 
  • you'd like  an 'inspiration injection' that will help you reconnect with the 'why' behind what you do   

If any of this sounds familiar, then it's time to discover your life purpose!

These 90 minute online workshops are playful and invigorating, designed to wake up your creative right brain and tap into 'you' at a deeper, intuitive level. It's a great opportunity to connect directly with us, as well as with a bunch of other heart-centred women seeking to unleash their true purpose on the world. 

Register your name here to hook yourself up with the details for the next event.

eHere's what one of our participants said about it….


Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday! I've had many ideas today that I feel are a direct result of the creative side of the workshop – plus I took your advice and sat outside one hour – it is beautiful here, to keep the channels open…away from my screen. Great job J squared! Jene Hullet,
















































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