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Maria Gamb, Expert Speaker at our Profit With Purpose Telesummit Event May 2o11
Executive coach, mentor, speaker and author of  “Healing the Corporate World: How Values Based Leadership Can Transform Business From the Inside Out”.

Looking forward to working with you both. It’s so wonderful to be connected to a group of ladies who truly ARE all about engaging in making a real impact and embracing their social entrepreneurship. Whats even better – you’re doing it in NZ! Love that!

Lisa Rutledge of KiwiOz Nannies in New Zealand
Lisa and her business partner Rachel have offices in London, Sydney and Auckland are a team of 3 employees with plans for expansion.

After two of the toughest years of running my own business my business partner and I were recommended to try out LYSBs ‘Profit with Purpose’ online consulting programme. After nearly 8 years owning a business together Rachel and I were finally able to put down on paper our purpose, values and vision! We had over the years tried to do this but this all-encompassing programme bought in our own personal beliefs and goals to work in with our business goals. We were both at ease and excited with our business vision and goals as they are aligned to our own personal values and where we wanted to exist within our community.

The modules were easy to work through with small steps leading towards revealing incredible results. The modules also helped us to come up with other aveneues related to our business which we had not already previously looked at – one of these ideas is now underway to be launched in 2011. I would recommend anyone who is looking to plan their business going forward to definitely look at these tools – thanks Janine and Jo, I now have very exciting times ahead!

Rachel Ogg of KiwiOz Nannies in Sydney.

As a small busines owner of nearly ten years I am always on the lookout for ways to improve how I work. Over the years I’ve tried a number of coaching, mentor and business development tools, all of which I’ve taken something from but none of which have compelled a new, better way of doing business on a sustainable basis.

I was given the opportunity to complete LYSB’s online “Profit with Purpose” consulting package this year and I haven’t looked back since. As Janine’s sister I knew Janine and Jo would have a lot to offer, but when I was working through the package I was able to really see in practice the value of their skills. As we worked through the course we were finally able to articulate our values, purpose and vision in a way that truly resonated with us and gave us the perfect direction for our business – something we’ve struggled with for years.

We’ve recognised how aligned our business is with our personal goals and this has injected a new passion in our business which has always been lingering but never lit!

I can proudly say that I’ve never been so happy about the direction the business is taking and what our business stands for than I am right now.Janine and Jo have given us the tools to enable a good business to become a great business and for that I am extremely grateful. Many thanks to you both for what you’ve done for us so far!

Susan Andrewes, Career Coach at GetAJobYouLove on the LYSB “Taster Workshop”

This workshop has thrown up some interesting insights that I hadn’t been fully aware of around my business mindset. I think it’s been great to acknowledge in writing what I have already achieved this year, and that I am now at a point where I want to truly step up and just get on with things. I want to be proud of myself and I am determined to just get on with making this business a success. No more excuses!!”

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