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Sep 03

Mountain Climbing and Magnificence

Who are Janine and Jo?
That's Jo on the left and Janine on the right – and this pic of us is in Snowdonia, Wales.
 Back in 2009, Janine took Jo on a mission to climb the 13 peaks of Snowdon in 24 hours (as a 30th Birthday present…good friend huh?)
We managed 9 of them in 36 […]

Oct 04

Working Relationships: How doing business with friends CAN work.

In yesterdays blog I shared why I believe my fabulous business partner Janine is, indeed, fabulous. Today I want to share a little of what we do to take care of our working relationship and our friendship to ensure that we don't compromise either.
A little about our journey:
Janine and I have been friends for […]

Oct 03

Working Relationships: Why I chose to go into business with a friend!

This 2-part blog post is dedicated firstly to the awesomeness of my business partner Janine (J9) and secondly to the value of establishing healthy relationships.
The idea for this blog (as part of my 31 day challenge) was to write about someone you admire and when it comes to work my lovely biz partner Janine is […]

Sep 29

Two Critical Steps You Need to Take Right Now to Make Your Business Breakthrough Happen

Get support to take action and overcome the 3 biggest barriers that are currently holding you back from small business success. A must for all women entrepreneurs seeking work life balance and financial freedom!

Mar 17

When it all turns to custard: stress management

That is a bit dramatic really, but it’s been a challenging week. We have both had a lot going on in our lives outside of work and with a big upcoming project we were starting to get a bit frazzeled. By Wednesday it was taking its toll and both of us were struggling to be […]

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