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Nov 15

Clay and Chardonnay XMAS PARTY: An Invitation to Wairarapa & Wellington Women in Business

clay and chard

Nov 11

We’re having an online Xmas Party and you are invited to crash it!!!


Are you a work-at-home Mum,  solo-entrepreneur, virtual team member business owner or contractor who doesn't have a Xmas Party to go to?

Then look no further because we'd be honoured if you would crash the 2011 online LYSB Xmas Party!!!
It's going to be a pearler so be sure to sign up for more info below. This […]

Feb 21

Stress Management and Work-life Balance: Why Setting Boundaries is Vital for Women In Business

Women are known for their ability to multi-task and perform many roles at one time. This is true within business where a woman may be performing myriad roles including administration and finance officer, director of sales and marketing, and customer service representative, to name but a few!
The same is true when the picture is broadened. […]

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