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Sep 29

Two Critical Steps You Need to Take Right Now to Make Your Business Breakthrough Happen

Get support to take action and overcome the 3 biggest barriers that are currently holding you back from small business success. A must for all women entrepreneurs seeking work life balance and financial freedom!

Jul 01

How to surround yourself with Superstars!

How to surround yourself with people who are going to help you achieve success in business and in life by cultivating a success mindset

Jun 17

Free Your Mind Friday!

Free Your Mind Friday

Want to FREE YOUR MIND this Friday?
Then welcome to the 1st edition of Free Your Mind Friday!
Jo noticed a pattern of behaviour that we both indulge in regularly around mindset – that is saying how important we think mindset is and talking (a lot) about how we are going to start focussing on it, […]

Apr 28

Women Entrepreneurs: Do you KISS your business? 3 steps to systematising.

Do you do it all?
When starting out in small business, and particularly when working alone, we often wear all the hats, fulfilling multiple roles and holding all the knowledge about our business in our heads. While this can be effective for a time, there will come a point at which it:

becomes overwhelming and stressful;
means […]

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