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Apr 13

Will your business success actually be good for you?

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Its fair to assume that all women who kick off their entrepreneurial journey are aiming for business success. However many haven't taken the time to consider how this success will impact on their 'other life' and as a result, many are compromising far more than intended
Where is your business taking you?
I recently read a […]

Mar 29

Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Business

A month ago I was invited to speak on a panel for women business leaders at the University of Canterbury. I was excited to accept, even though I felt a good dose of imposter syndrome creeping in (watch for a future blog post on this topic!)

Janine and I have always wanted to combine our […]

Mar 09

Do you choose business over life? What your work hours and choices say about your values.

In the lead up to Christmas last year I heard a radio interview summarising the results of a survey and one key finding really stuck out.
25% of New Zealanders were planning on checking their work email on Christmas day, and the vast majority of these people were small business owners.
I'm sure this will be […]

Feb 28

5 Steps to Discovering Your Business Sweet Spot!


Our research tells us that women entrepreneurs start out in business because they want to make a great living doing what they are good at. However, it seems that this on its own is no longer enough.

Women also want to make a difference and feel personally fulfilled, and they are increasingly acting as trailblazers […]

Feb 07

Success in small business: Why do you do what you do?


I read a very thought-provoking short story recently and it got me thinking about what we deem “success” to look like.
Clearly it's different for all of us, but I think it is all too easy to become caught up and driven by societal expectations of what “success” is, rather than really stopping to think about […]

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