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Jan 23

Tweet us for a free copy of Napolean Hills book ‘Think and Grow Rich’!


Get hold of a copy of Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” absolutely FREE by tweeting us @leadwithpurpose and discover how your mindset is key to success in business and in life.

Dec 06

Creating the Perfect Lifestyle

I have just spent the afternoon with a very good friend and my god-daughter, (one of the many benefits of working for myself means taking a Tuesday off when the occasion arises). 
On my drive home I heard an interview with author Oli Hille and have just come in the door to let you know about […]

Dec 01

Unleash your Power: How to Move Beyond Fear and Self Doubt

Do fear or lack of confidence hold you back in business?
Well – we kinda know that they do, for many of you anyway. In our recent survey 53% of you told us that FEAR and LACK OF CONFIDENCE are holding you back in your business… so you are in good company.
But this has GOT to […]

Oct 28

How to boost your positive business vibes

As Friday draws to a close (if you are reading this on a Friday!) we invite you to to take 5 to reflect on all the positives you are currently experiencing through your business.
There will always be things you could improve, and that is often where we focus our attention, but there will be […]

Oct 24

How do you perceive business challenge?

How do you see a challenge?
I've just caught a snippet of a programme on TV discussing challenges in small business. Specifically, how one's mentality in response to a challenge affects the outcomes. This got me to thinking about how I perceive challenges as they pop up, how I respond, and how this response influences the […]

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