Apr 28

Women Entrepreneurs: Do you KISS your business? 3 steps to systematising.

Do you do it all?

When starting out in small business, and particularly when working alone, we often wear all the hats, fulfilling multiple roles and holding all the knowledge about our business in our heads. While this can be effective for a time, there will come a point at which it:

  • becomes overwhelming and stressful;
  • means we are working all the hours of the day and not living a balanced life;
  • takes up all our time so we can’t step ‘out’ of the day-to-day running of our business to plan and strategise; and ultimately;
  • holds our business back both in terms of profit AND effectiveness.

Systemising your business is a key step to improve business performance and attain work life balance…..

Take a step back from your business to look at the big picture and you will realise that there are numerous areas of your business in which you could be more effective:

  • perhaps many hours in your day are taken up with tasks that you don’t necessarily need to complete, for example admin tasks.
  • maybe you are aware there are roles within your business that you fulfill that are NOT your strength, yet you do them anyway because they need to happen.
  • it could be that you invest time in completing tasks for which automated systems exist – systems that could actually produce a better result than you currently get and do it in half the time!
  • or are you one of the many who procrastinate over tasks for which you have no skill in or lack passion for?

Three steps to create a more effective way of working – KISS your business!

Kerry Ann Orr is The Systems Coach and specialises in helping successful business owners to systematise, so that their business works for them (rather than the other way around). Her motto is to KISS your business – Keep It Simple and Systematise!

If you would like to turn things around in the way you work, here are three steps recommended by Kerry Ann – and remember these are all about keeping it simple:

  • Automate – investigate how you can save yourself time by utlising the wonder of automated systems – for example for your social media, or newsletters.
  • Delegate – how can you share the load within your business to best play to everyone’s strengths?
  • Outsource – what tasks do you simply not have the passion / skills / time to complete within your team? Now find someone with the passion, the time AND the skills and employ them to do the job for you!

Taking these steps will not only relieve stress in your working life, but will also free up YOUR time and head-space to most effectively focus on what you do best – growing your business and expressing your strengths… ultimately leading to a more profitable and successful business that you will enjoy! Imagine a world where you are only doing the tasks you love and are passionate about and where someone else is taking care of all the rest AND your business is more successful because of it!

If some of the above points resonate with you and you would like to take steps towards more effective ways of working, creating systems that will lead to reduced stress, better work life balance, AND a more profitable business, we invite you to attend our Profit with Purpose Telesummit. This week of online interviews will provide you with expert advice and inspiration from a range of small business entrepreneurs, including The Systems Coach!

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  • This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

    • Thanks MomoChii, we really appreciate the feedback! are you are small biz owner yourself?

      We have lots of other free resources available – we’ve just hosted a free online telesummit with some awesome guest speakers and we will shortly be announcing our upcoming monthly speakers. Join up to our list if you want to be kept up to date!

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