Apr 25

Women in business: feel a little stressed sometimes? 5 stress management solutions.

Women in small business, female entrepreneurs, start up gurus, trailblazers….. whatever you call yourself, it is no surprise that as a woman running your own business, you have a lot on your plate.

Many women are not just running a business, they are also maintaining fantastic relationships with family and friends, running a household, looking after their spiritual well being, keeping fit and the list goes on. All this with an accompanying desire to make it work to a high standard AND make it look effortless!

It is therefore no surprise that we are placing pressure on ourselves to do it all and sometimes ending up feeling a little (or perhaps VERY) stressed.

Stress may just be a reality for women in business… what are you gonna do about it?

(It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know!)

Given that a small or large element of stress is likely a reality for you as a business woman, you therefore have a couple of options:

i) accept stress as an ongoing part of your working life and get on with it!

ii) seek help to manage stress, manage your expectations, and move forward with a successful business AND a healthy work life balance without the stress.

There is no right or wrong, women in business have all kinds of motivations and goals, and whether you choose to see stress as a problem or not is entirely up to you. However it is important that women in business feel resourced to cope and examine the options available.

What are the options for women in business to deal with stress?

Once you decide to take action, the only choice left is which action to take!

There are many people out there who offer stress management solutions, and numerous ways you can choose to resolve your stress – from holistic therapies, to time management technologies, to mindset techniques.

5 stress management solutions

  1. The internet is a great source of information on your options – a simple search within google will reveal numerous stress management solutions.
  2. Online forums and networking organisations for women in business will allow you to find out from others what they do to manage stress and pressure.
  3. Speak to people you know who run their own business and find out how they manage stress
  4. Seek out a mentor to advise you – perhaps the key is for you to identify a key area of your business in which you are feeling a lot of stress, and get an expert on board to help you.
  5. Listen in to the Profit With Purpose Telesummit! Yes this is self promotion but we truly believe that our telesummit will offer some great stress management solutions for busy women in business. We have expert speaker Cate Howell sharing her experience as a GP and author in the field of managing stress and anxiety, along with 9 other interviews with experts in the field of small business. Join us to find out how you can access all this information, advice, and inspiration, specifically for women in small business for FREE!

You don’t have to accept stress as an ongoing reality in your business life and we encourage you to seek out solutions so you can effortlessly enjoy your family, health, relationships, fitness AND a thriving business.

Leave us a comment here to let us know what you do to manage all the claims on your time!

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