Oct 17

Tune in to the beat for creativity and vibe in your small business

If you are interested in bringing more creativity and fun into your work then try music!

Our series on boosting your business performance with creativity, adventure and fun continues….

Music has been shown to have a huge impact on ones state: state of being, state of mind, physical state, emotional state, all of which ultimately combine to influence your results. Health care professionals sometimes use music to improve health  and top athletes fully understand the boost that the beat can have on sporting performance.

Janine and I have both seen the effect of music first hand in our work within youth development programmes. We would select specific songs to help us build rapport, create a vibe (anything from fun to energetic to calm and contemplative), or to build up energy so that students could smash through their challenges. At the end of the day, we would employ music to help us create an atmosphere of accomplishment, positivity and fun.

When we hosted our Profit with Purpose telesummit earlier this year, Janine chose a “telesummit song” which she would listen to when working on our event to help her get pumped up, excited and ready for action!

So if you are after a way to add more creativity and fun into your work, look no further than music.

Ready to get upbeat but unsure how to make it happen?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • start to observe how music effects your vibe – both in and out of work, and take note of which tracks engender a particular state for you so that when you are looking to create this stage again in the future, you know where to look

  • ask family and friends to suggest artists / songs that help them feel creative / motivated / productive or whatever it is that you are looking to attain!

  • Play around with the music you already have and see how it influences your levels of creativity and inspiration

  • try out different genres – if you have a tendency to enjoy a certain type of music, branch out and explore others and see what emotions they bring up for you (and if that is useful in your work or not!

  • Choose one specific song that you can associate to a specific task and play it when you are working on that task to get you moving!

Tune in and see what happens:

  • Do you listen to music while you work?

  • What kind of energy / vibe would you ultimately like to create in your work-space?

  • What music would you listen to if you wanted to be productive, creative, thoughtful, inspired, or focused?

Please do share your thoughts because we could all stand to learn from your insights into how music influences YOUR creativity within your work.

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  • I play my own music when I work. I have two radios on (both to different stations)- they provide the white (or maybe black) noise to keep me focused. And, I play my song and do my work blissfully untouched by the world around.

  • Hobby Parent

    Couldn’t agree more. Love to listen to Pandora while I’m working. Classical music for housecleaning, R&B for working out, blues for desk work, and sing to the top of my lungs driving home with the top down with Patsy Cline and Aretha Franklin. 😀

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