Feb 07

Stress Management Part 1: Why Reconnecting with the Positives is a Vital Stress Management Technique

Like us, you probably started out in business with a vision of your dream working life – doing work that you are passionate about, choosing your work hours, being stress-free and having a wonderful life outside of work. While some women manage this easily, for others it can be an ongoing challenge that becomes overwhelming and leads to high levels of stress and a loss of connection with the reasons why they struck out on their own in the first place.

Sound a little like you?

It’s no secret that as a woman who leads a small business you have a lot on your plate and the things that remain at the forefront of your mind can often be the challenges rather than the positives. However it is becoming increasingly clear that your mindset has a huge influence on stress levels and the success of your business.

How aware are you of your mindset as you go about your business and your life?

What are the topics that are uppermost on your mind when you think about work? What are the conversations you generally have with your family, partner or friends about your work, or the conversations you have with yourself? Building your awareness around these thoughts and conversations can make a huge difference to your daily state of mind and stress management.

How much time do you spend focusing on the wonderful accomplishments you have made? Your recent successes or achievements?

How much time do you spend focusing on:

  • What is still left to do?
  • Which deadlines are outstanding?
  • Which invoices still need to be paid?
  • How to find more clients?
  • Where the next cash flow will come from?
  • What the competition is doing?
  • Wishing you had someone to talk with about your work and the challenges?
  • How little time you have every day to complete your work?
  • How many other commitments you have outside of work?

Are you noticing a pattern about where you tend to focus your energy and attention?

There is no doubt that continually thinking of challenges and what is left to do is a very easy pattern to get into. Whilst these types of thoughts can be a productive way to drive you forward – keeping you on top of your crucial tasks and maintaining momentum – a constant focus on the challenges and gaps can lead to high stress levels, feelings of dissatisfaction and low motivation.

If you are really committed to stress management for yourself (and for your employees if you have them) then it is important to maintain a mindset balance. This means regularly taking time to reconnect with the positive aspects of your work. This will help you and your team to:

  • Start celebrating what you are doing magnificently (not just well, but magnificently!);
  • Acknowledge how far you have come since you started;
  • Re-ignite the motivation and passion you have for your business; and ultimately
  • Become better at stress management in your life and your business!

If you are serious about improving your health and balance, start creating a mindset balance for yourself today.

Our next article will provide 5 simple questions you can ask yourself to get back into a more positive mindset to help with stress management.

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