May 30

Quick Tip for Work-Life Balance

It’s been a very busy month at Love Your Small Business, with the lead up to and delivery of our Telesummit. A month of great learning, challenges (particularly of the technological nature), successes and new opportunities we hadn’t anticipated. By the end of the month, however, I was pretty exhausted – lets just say that the previous few weeks had not been a model of work life balance!

Need some stress relief?

Yes I did! I was in need of a break to regain some perspective, balance and de-stress, but was so absorbed in the running of the biz that it felt tricky to step out. I find it very easy to get caught up in what’s right in front of me and lose sight of the bigger picture. However – I’d already booked in a holiday 2 months back, so leaving Janine with a good to-do list (and instructions to have her own time off!) I headed off into the beautiful New Zealand bush for a spot of hiking (or tramping as we call it here).

I couldn’t have asked for a better break – three days of exercise, stunning views, great company, and of course no access to cell phones, internet or computers! Sitting with a cup of coffee, a great book and breath-taking views out the hut window across the lake was just what I needed to recharge my batteries.

Take away message? Work life balance comes from prior planning!

As I reflected on my recent weeks, I drew out one huge learning that I will certainly take forward… Book time off in advance! To really gain work life balance, you need to plan it in in advance.

I know that if I hadn’t planned ahead and booked in the time off I would have found it far too easy (while looking at my long to-do list and feeling inspired by our telesummit) to carry on working, feeling that there was too much to do to take a break. However having had the time out, particularly in such a relaxing and invigorating environment, I know I will now be far more productive in the coming weeks and have a more balanced perspective on my work AND my life out of work – the sought-after work life balance!

If you’d like to watch a short (2 minute) video of my experience and my learning, and check out the scenery, click here!

So – from now on I will be pre-booking in my time off in advance and taking action to commit to it so that when the time comes I have no excuses and can work with more balance.

How is your work life balance?

When is YOUR next break from work? What are you doing in the coming months to ensure you work and live with balance, and prevent those stress levels from rising?

I’d love to hear what you have planned in, and if you currently don’t have any breaks or holidays planned, then book one in now! It doesn’t have to involve going hiking, but do ensure you block out some time for perspective and to priorities yourself.

Leave us a comment to let us know your plans and to inspire others to do the same!

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