Oct 31

How personal adventure impacts on business


Another in our series on bringing fun, adventure and creativity into your business..

We've shared a whole lot of simple tips in the past month as to how you can improve your business performance, boost your work life balance and manage stress by actively ensuring your business is  full of adventure, fun and creativity and have had some great responses to our posts.

Today's tip is focused on adventure and is short and sweet….. if you want more adventure in your work and your business, then have more adventure outside of work!

The connection between the personal you and the work you.

You never fully leave work at home or home at work, so it follows that if you can breed your spirit of adventure in your personal life you will bring that aspect of you to work and will find it easier to be adventurous there

Unsure how to get started?

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • if adventure really is important to you, make sure its up there as one of your values (both personal and work)

  • get together with a group of friends and plan in an adventure weekend… just do anything that is a little different from the usual

  • look for mini adventures. Adventure doesn't have to be huge and expensive. Look for the potential outside your front door

  • do that one thing you have been thinking of doing for ages… join a choir. Take up some volunteer work. Bake the cake who's recipe you've had for years. Start learning another language. Call an old school friend you haven't spoken to for years.

It doesn't matter so much what you choose to do, more that you choose to do it. So if you want more adventure in your working life then start making it happen at home!

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