Oct 24

How do you perceive business challenge?


How do you see a challenge?

I've just caught a snippet of a programme on TV discussing challenges in small business. Specifically, how one's mentality in response to a challenge affects the outcomes. This got me to thinking about how I perceive challenges as they pop up, how I respond, and how this response influences the end result!

Mindset in times of challenge.

Overall I feel pretty well resourced to respond in a healthy, positive way to challenges as they pop up and I know for sure that having a great business partner helps with that. I must admit that's not 100% of the time and that I sometimes have to work hard to remain positive in the face of challenges. However knowing that challenges are always going to be part of the small business journey, I think it's important to maintain a positive mindset in responding to challenge.

What about you?

  • How do you see challenges in your business?

  • What do you define as a challenge (as opposed to a problem, a glitch, an opportunity…)

  • How does your perception influence your response, the outcomes for your business and for you personally in terms of stress or lack of?

  • Given that challenge, however you see them, will always be a part of small business, could you choose to change your perspective to set yourself up for more success?

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  • Great post! To me challenge means opportunity in my business, the onl thing I need to still work on is my impatince when results do not come as fast as I would expect or when techonology instead of facilitating things slows them dowm ( like finding the right external collaborators such as webmasters etc..)
    Thanks for this post!

    • Patricia.. I love your reminder that sometimes we can best deal with challenges by soliciting help from experts! Thanks for that 🙂

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