Oct 12

Inject colour into your work to boost business performance

Yesterdays blog post kick-started a series on bringing fun, creativity and adventure into your business – if you want to find out WHY this is potentially a good idea, take a read (and feel free to add your opinion to the comments at the bottom).

Next – we're into the how… and over the coming days I'll share our top tips for HOW you can improve your business performance, reduce your stress and work towards work life balance by livening things up at work using creativity, fun and adventure.

Each blog post will outline one or two simple tips – and I'm always up for your ideas and feedback too so please do share.

Today, it's all about


COLOUR (or COLOR if you are reading in North America!)


Colour has been shown to impact on our creativity , yet so many works places have a real lack of colour. Offices (whether home or out) can be stark and functional devoid of colour, energy, and a creative vibe – and it doesn't take a genius to figure out the potential impact of this on business performance.

That said, if YOU are keen to inject some more colour into your working world (and of course these ideas can be applied to the you outside of work too) then read on for 3 steps to get you there.


1. Assess your current situation.

Take a look around your workspace now and take note of how colourful, or not, your space is.

Notice where you do and don't have colour

Check out your walls, desk, computer, diary, meeting room, phone, ………


2. Decide what's appropriate for you

Think about what might work for you. You must get it right and find your personal balance between fun, creativity, and inspiration versus chaos and mess!

  • What vibe do you feel would be good for getting your creative juices flowing?

  • What would feel fun and lively?

  • If clients / partners come into your workspace, what level of colour would fit with your image?


3. Crack out some COLOUR .

Action time. There is no limit to what you could do to add some colour and therefore fun, energy, creativity, vibe to your work space…. but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • dig out a set of felt pens / coloured markers and get to work… use these coloured pens to annotate your diary, plan out your day, create your next to-do list…..

  • keep these pens in your workspace so you can get into the habit of using them daily

  • buy a set of post it notes and use these in your work.. not just for the sake of it but to help you out and add a splash of colour.

  • Bring art / photos into your work space.

  • Create a poster containing your business purpose, mission statement, vision, values, goals, successes. Anything you want – just make a colourful poster!

  • Print out a poster of a couple of quotes that inspire you

And remember, nothing is permanent so play around, test things out – and you can always add more splashes of colour, take some away, or change what you've done.


One thing I did recently to add some colour AND make my affirmations more present:

One day a few weeks back I typed up all my current affirmations (both work and personal), put each one in a bold, bright colour, changed the background to black and saved the image. This image is now the backdrop on my computer so every time I turn it on I not only see loads of colour, but my daily affirmations that form part of my daily practice are right there! (double whammy).

That's it for today, but please do share YOUR ideas for adding colour, and stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks about bringing creativity, fun and adventure into your work.


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  • Yes, love colour and totally agree that it impacts on productivity!!! When Jo and I get together to do our business planning, it is an organised chaos of colour. And I much prefer blog posts with pictures, the colour makes the info much more user-friendly.

    The room where I work is full of wonderful treasures hand made by people that I love (I was just reflecting on this the other day). There are 3 beautiful pots by my potter partner Sam, a wonderful piece of stained glass art hanging at the window by my talented friend @Louise Vicars that captures the colours and light, shooting it around the room and a favourite lamp, upcycled by a talented & lovely ex-girlfriend of Sam’s called Jenna!

    And to add another sensation to the mix, I’ve recently discovered an incense that I love, light and fresh perfect for keeping the workspace a lovely place to be.

    Great post JoJo.

    p.s To others that read this, I’d love to hear about some of the special things you have around you in the home/workspace that encourage your creativity.

  • Shannon

    Ok, so my favourite bright thing lately is my cork board – retro floral fabric in orange, green, brown and white with a charcoal frame. I do not believe cork boards are destined to remain that corky colour. They are a really quick fix with a roller and a test pot or two of colour, alternately PVA glue and what ever fabric tickles your fancy. Those cardboard file boxes really benefit from the pva and fabric treatment too. For me the trick is to just do it without worrying about it being perfect or pleasing other people – my cork board makes me happy and thats enough!

  • Jen Brown

    A great post ladies! I’m a big fan of colour in my workplace.

    I spent years working as a lawyer. Oh man, talk about boring! In one firm I worked at, the use of any colour was frowned upon (as was personalising workstations). It is (of course) no wonder that it felt like a stiffling environment!

    So now I have my own biz & I have busted out the colour – coloured post-it notes, folders, pens, cards. You name it, I have it.

    Love your work! Keep it coming.


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