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How to Manage Stress by Celebrating Success

10 Easy Ideas for Celebrating Your Achievements

As a leader or manager of a small business who is always striving to excel, meet or exceed your own expectations and motivate yourself and/or your employees it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks you need to achieve. You feel the stress of what you have NOT yet done, and remain focused on the big goals you are aiming for and constantly drive towards those, forgetting to stop and celebrate the small steps and achievements that will ultimately lead to your success.

Constantly focusing attention on your growing to-do list can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and stressed – and a lack of motivation.

How often do you stop to pat yourself on the back or acknowledge your achievements?

It is vital to create space in your working week to take stock of what you have accomplished and celebrate success because it will:

  • Boost your confidence in what you are doing;
  • Manage stress levels by keeping you focused on the positives;
  • Help you recognise that you are, in fact, highly successful;
  • Create motivation and inspiration for you (and your team) to keep going.

And while it is very easy to think “I don’t have time in my day to add in yet another thing to do”, taking this time for yourself means you will be better resourced to complete tasks with focus, resolve and motivation.

10 Easy Ways You Can Celebrate Success

  1. Schedule in a coffee or drink regularly with a workmate, colleague or friend – once a week or fortnightly for example. Spend this time sharing and celebrating your highlights and focusing on creating a positive mindset.
  2. Sit down and ask yourself “What have I done magnificently this week?” Many women lack the confidence to own what they have achieved and to really celebrate it – this question is a simple way to re-frame how you think about yourself and what you have achieved!
  3. Create a ritual for closing your work day. For example, at the end of every day take 5 minutes to identify and acknowledge 2 successes in your day – tasks you achieved, steps you have taken towards a goal etc. etc. You could also ask yourself what you need to let go of from the day. Both of these steps will help you switch off and head home in a really great space.
  4. Treat yourself or your team (if you have one) when you achieve an important goal. Go out for coffee or a meal, award movie tickets or get a massage or beauty treatment!
  5. Looking for a low cost option? Get creative and celebrate by finishing 30 minutes early one evening to go for a walk or invite your team to have a ‘sleep-in’ and start the later next day. Even better, award yourself or your team a half day off!
  6. Call a supportive colleague, friend, or partner when you accomplish something that you found challenging and chat with them about it.
  7. Get together with your team or with colleagues for a drink and spend 15 minutes brainstorming different award ideas you can use to celebrate achievements in your business e.g. customer service award, idea of the month, success story of the month, most improved in a certain area etc etc. Create certificates or fun cards that you can award to yourself and others on a regular basis.
  8. Tell people about what you have achieved. Shout it from the rooftops! Or tweet it if the online option is more your style.
  9. Post client and business success stories around your workspace. Letters and testimonials from people who appreciate what you are doing are a fantastic way to celebrate and keep connected to your business vision. Put photos of fun or rewarding business events on the wall – things that will make you smile and remind you why you enjoy doing what you do.
  10. Find a business coach or mentor who will help you to stay positive and regularly celebrate success in your life and in your business.

Remember, taking one of these 10 actions is the easy part. The hard part and the most important thing you can do RIGHT NOW is to take 5 min’s to schedule in WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.


And if you come up with some great ideas of your own, please share them with us so we can pass them around!

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