Oct 26

Can you fully express yourself at work?

Our series on bringing fun, creativity and adventure into your work take on a different angle today.

Your inherent sense of fun, adventure and creativity

(and yes you DO have one!)

Deep down we all have within us a sense of fun, adventure and creativity. I'm talking about the natural expression of who we are as individuals. These elements of our nature will look different for all of us and will be buried deeper for some, but the fact is they are still there.


Is your nature allowed to shine through at work?

Despite the presence of these attributes, many women experience barriers to fully expressing themselves within employment situations. A number of Love Your Small Business clients have expressed that a large part of the reason they have struck out on their own in small business is because they wanted to more fully realise their true potential as unique individuals through their work.

However the challenge remains if your work, be it your own business or someone else's, doesn't truly align with who you are as a person.


Bridge the gap

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I personally passionate about the vision of my business?

  • Do my values align with those of my business?

  • How fully do I want to be able to express my personality through my work – and how fully am I currently doing so?

  • Do I naturally bring my own unique sense of playfulness, adventure, creativity and fun to my work? If not, what would enable me to feel more freely able to do so?

This may throw up more questions than it does answers, but awareness is the first step on any journey and opening your mind to the possibilities will ultimately get you closer to where you want to be.

This is all about encouraging you to bring adventure, fun and creativity into your work by examining how aligned your business is with your personal values and purpose. If your true personality can shine through while you are at work, you will automatically bring your innate sense of fun, adventure and creativity along for the ride!

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