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Do your daily habits improve your business performance?

Do your daily habits help you grow your business?

As part of the mastermind group we recently joined, Janine and I have been challenged to establish a daily habit – a routine that helps us get set for our working day.

The purpose of this is to set aside regular time to focus on the bigger picture, re-connect with our goals, and consciously develop a mindset that will set us up for an awesome day of work (and play) EVERY DAY!

Having done a slightly loose version of this for a while now, I understand the benefits and I so fully believe in the power of meditation and daily practice in boosting business performance, managing stress and developing mindset, that I want to share!!!

Daily routine, you time, daily practice, meditation, business planning, strategic focusing, zen….call it what you will but do you do it???

Why would you bother with this…. what are the benefits?

There are several benefits to creating and maintaining a strong daily practice:

  • you maintain daily focus on your goals (short and long term, work and personal)

  • great for stress management – you are putting yourself first!

  • ensures you develop and maintain a great mindset

  • ultimately will boost your business performance


OK – but what would I actually do?

There are really no rules around what you do – ultimately the goal is to create strong focus and a mindset of success so whatever you come across that will help you to attain this focus and mindset is great.

If you're after some suggestions, you could: meditate, do yoga, read over a colourful and inspiring version of your business plan and goals, set an intention for the day, breathing exercises, run through 10 things (or more) that you are grateful for, reconnect with your vision for your business and imagine what it feels like to have attained this for your reality……


How long should I take?

Again, totally up to you. Take as long as you have / want / need. Perhaps start off with just a few minutes – if you try to take half an hour every day straight off, you may feel overwhelmed and it could be easy to put the whole thing into the too hard basket. So start with 5 minutes and see what works for you!

Remember – the point is not how long you spend, but simply that you take some time out.

Could daily practice really help with stress management and boost my business performance?

Only one way to find out!

I could talk about this till I'm blue in the face, but if you are interested in managing stress and creating work life balance and want to boost your business performance then I challenge you to take 5 minutes EVERY morning to establish a daily practice.


Here's what I (Jo) commit to doing every morning:

15 minutes of yoga, followed by top 10 things I'm grateful for. I then read over our business vision and goals and set one clear intention for the day that I write up and keep at my work station.

In addition, I'm working on good end-of-day practices too, to ensure I switch off and can leave work behind and move into other life!

I'd love to hear:

  • what do you think? Do you believe that having a daily practice can help with work life balance, stress, business performance?

  • Do you have a regular daily practice? If so, what do you do?

  • What could you commit to doing for a week or 2 (they do say it takes 30 days to create a habit – so you could try a month) to really give this a go and see the impact on your business and your life!!!

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  • Kris

    Thanks for the inspiration to establish daily practice in my own business. I’m taking the figurative leap and am breathless with anticipation! Kris

    • Kris… great to hear and do let us know how you get on!

  • A few years ago, I read Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and this established the daily habit of keeping a gratitude journal, morning pages and 20 minutes of exercise. This practice has helped me to gain absolute clarity about my life mission, vision and daily intention. In addition, it helps to think of it as “brushing your teeth” rather than an item on your to-do list. So glad that you shared your progress report – continued success 🙂

    • Hi Kadena, I read the Artists Way a few years back and the idea of morning pages was one that I took away, but its been a long time since I;ve used them so thanks for the reminder! It is amazing how much clarity a practice like this can bring.
      Love the way you see this as just a regular part of your day too!
      Thanks for your thoughts Kadena

    • Hey Kadena, I am also a fan of The Artists Way! Morning Pages rock, it’s amazing what a difference it makes to your day getting all that stuff out of your head. Must go and add Julia Cameron’s book to our resources page – it’s on both of our bookshelves and has had a big influence! I am loving this conversation about daily practice…I have been struggling a bit with fitting mine in since I have had my little Baby Bella but I am currently prioritising a solution that will help me get back into it consistently!

  • Nancy Rose Schilli

    Thanks for the post and reminder. Agree that meditation helps you let go of all the little things and focus on what’s important. And letting go at the end of the day is great. I do a daily review to help integrate the day.

    • Ooh Nancy the idea of a daily review is great and so simple – I think ultimately simplicity is the key to making it happen on a regular basis. Thanks for the idea! Jo

  • Great post. Its so easy to leap (stagger?) out of bed in the morning and get straight into all the busy work, without taking the time to focus on what is actually important!

    I have recently begun making a point of starting my day with yoga, gratitude & connecting with my goals … and breakfast. Its amazing what a boost it all gives me to get my day started right!!

    • I know exactly what you mean… but having established a good daily practice now I start my working day so much more focussed! Great to hear what you do to kick start your day!

  • Jen Brown

    I’m not a yoga girl – I love a hard training session first thing in the morning – but connecting with my goals & mantras is something that I have only started doing in the last few weeks but I am already seeing results. It seems to ‘ground’ me for the day ahead.

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