Oct 11

How creativity, fun and adventure will help your small business

Bringing creativity, fun and adventure into small business.

I'm full of ideas as to how you can make small business full of fun, adventure and creativity. It's something Janine and I consciously work on in our day to day operations, so I've set out to write a blog series about how to bring a sense of creativity, fun and adventure into small business. I figure if I write about it I might inspire you to try some ideas out, but I also might pick up some new ones too!


What are the benefits to small business performance of incorporating a sense of fun, adventure and creativity?

Before we launch into a list of ideas to inspire creativity, fun and adventure, it's worth exploring WHY this could be useful and how it could impact on your business and personal life.


You will:

…boost your business performance because you will push yourself further and set more challenging goals:

Often we don't know what we are capable of until we challenge ourselves, and we can tend to limit ourselves with our thinking. A sense of adventure can change that. Challenge yourself, push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone and you will gain an insight into what else is possible (both in your business and personal life). Adventure will help you to open yourself up to new possibilities. You may just see a glimmer of what you are could achieve and of just how capable you actually are!

Ultimately, the result of adventure, challenge and boundary pushing may well be that you set your sights higher than you previously had, aiming for higher goals and achieving more. We all know that if you shoot for the moon you will land among the starts….


…be better resourced to solve challenges and respond to change:

Creative thinking is not only important in small business performance, but essential to ongoing success. If you nurture your ability to be creative you will be well resourced to handle challenges when they come your way (which they inevitably will). You will be able to generate creative solutions to challenges and will be more flexible in responding to change – all of which are necessary capabilities in the world of small business.


…generate new ideas for business success:

The practice of creativity often brings about surprising outcomes… and as a result of creative thinking you may well generate new ideas for your business that could boost profitability, enhance your ability to make a difference and/or allow you to engage with your work on a “smarter not harder” basis.


…better manage stress:

Laughing and having funare known to reduce stress levels so make it important to have fun while you work and you will automatically reduce your stress levels. And remember that work and life will always have some level of interplay so by having fun and reducing your work stress, you will automatically impact your overall stress levels. This will also help with…..


…move towards work life balance:

If you don't have fun in ANY part of your working day how can you expect yourself to have fun once you leave work? Same goes for creativity and adventure. Bringing positivity into your working life will make it much easier to relax, switch off at the end of the day, and you will be better resourced to attain work life balance.


…attract like minded people into your world:

Bringing creativity, fun and adventure into your business will not only be great for you in terms of performance, stress and balance, but you will also notice that your behaviours and values are drawing people towards you who want or have the same values! Whether this relates to clients, business partners, suppliers, people you network with, your online community, you will notice that as you start to practice fun, adventure and creativity you will attract like minded people into your world and then who knows what is possible!?


A side note about fun (and this is serious).

Fun is not to be confused with flippancy or lack of professionalism.

I suspect some business owners believe it's not professional to be seen to be too casual or relaxed and therefore stifle a sense of fun but if you are clear about the purpose of fun and the role it can plan in your business performance and success then you don't have to compromise and you can have the best of both worlds!



What do you think?

  • Do you believe that creativity, fun and adventure play a role in business performance?

  • Do you think that you compromise on professionalism when you display fun?

  • Do you believe you demonstrate these attributes within your work?? If so we'd love to hear from you!


How to bring adventure, creativity and fun into your small business.

Stay tuned for tomorrows post which will be the first of 5 (or possibly more) tips for how to bring adventure, creativity and fun into your small business.



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  • TW

    I belive that incorporating fun into the workplace and your business life is ESSENTIAL to business success. People who enjoy what they are doing do much better work, and vice-versa.

    You encourage people to bring fun into the work place in order to more fully enjoy life outside of work. I think that there is truth to this, butt at the same time, I feel like the opposite is just as important. In my opinion in order to enjoy work, you must FIRST enjoy life outside of work. Take a dance class or designate a night to get together with your friends. If you can leave the stress and worries of work behind while doing activities outside of work that you enjoy, you will ne much more motivated and positive when you return to work in the morning. Either way, i agree that it is important to bring positivity to eveything that you do and to bring some fun into it.

    We only live one life, enjoy each and every aspect of it!!

    Theresa Whiteside
    Business Coach

    • Thanks so much for your comments Theresa and your suggestion too… I totally agree and know on a personal basis that when I do take time out to disengage from work and have fun out of work, I am automatically more relaxed at work.
      I guess as long as you make it important SOMEWHERE then all good!
      Jo 🙂

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