Apr 11

Creating a Time Capsule

The LYSB State of the Nation!

We recently got together again (after 7 weeks of operating from different cities in New Zealand) and it was great! We got loads done and also managed to squeeze in a creative project that we wanted to share with you – our LYSB State of the Nation!

Our state of the nation is like a story book that we add to every 6 months to capture a snapshot of our business and our lives.

Jo came up with the idea of a State of the Nation as we reflected on how far we have come since a strategy meeting we had in October 2010. We were struggling to recall what was on our minds at that time and what we had been thinking about and focussing on….. and out of that came our idea to create a LYSB State of the Nation.

Jo, Janine and Bella ready to eat, and with the start of our State of the Nation Storybook

So, armed with coloured pens and a blank book we headed to a local cafe, treated ourselves to a yummy breaky and created our first entry into what we hope will become a long story of our business. We recorded the current statistics for our business, and asked ourselves what we are most proud of, what we fear the most, and what keeps us awake at night. We also captured the big things that are going on for each of us outside of work as that’s all part of our story.

We had fun reflecting on our current situation and will look forward to creating entry number two in October 2011…. and until then we are both under strict instructions not to look at what we have written… part of the fun will be in opening up our past snapshots to see if our hopes and fears have shown up for us!

Why do we share this with you? Because we believe taking time out of your business to have fun and record your journey is REALLY IMPORTANT! This has enabled us to have a laugh, celebrate, and get inspired for the next phase of our work.

If you are inspired to do your own state of the nation snapshot, or would like further suggestions, leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you!

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  • What a brilliant idea and congratulations for what you have both achieved so far.

    • Thanks Caroline! Do you think you will follow up with this idea in your own life or in your craft business? We’d love to hear how it goes if you do! Warm wishes, Janine

  • Emi Earle

    Love this you ladies! super personal and real. Thank you for sharing

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