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Are you clear on WHY you are in business?

When starting a small business, it is important (and fun) to focus on your business goals and targets, and good business planning covers this off. It is essential to be clear on your goals and aims for your business. After all:

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.  ~Lawrence J. Peter

When things are going swimmingly for your business (you are reaching your targets and you are enjoying your working life) focusing on your targets will be useful in maintaining motivation. This is the what – what are you aiming for with your business.

When the going gets tough, what keeps YOU going?

Are you clear on the WHY?

Undoubtedly there will be times when things get tough – whether its that your client base isn’t growing as rapidly as you had hoped leading to financial stress, you are struggling with the technology required to run your business, or you have challenges with employees. Whatever the trigger, it isn’t always going to be plain sailing!

When the going gets tough, you must be clear on why you need to keep going. Why is it so important for you to reach your goals and targets? What is your motivation for working so hard? Why is it important to you to push on through these challenges?

If you are not clear on the why, it is all too easy to lose faith, and think about giving up, especially when working alone.

Your business performance will correlate with your motivation.

It is common knowledge that employee motivation has a direct bearing on the performance of a business. Well – the same is true for you as the leader and manager of your own business. If you don’t generate the huge motivation, drive and desire to achieve your goals, it will be a tough journey. So – are you motivated? Are you clear on why you must push through those tough times? What is your motivation? Why are you committed to making this business a success?

If you are VERY clear on why you are in this business and the impact that business success will have on you and your family, great, you are among a small crowd! Your business is likely thriving and your business performance will reflect this high level of motivation. We encourage you to share your reasons why with other women in business so they can learn from your motivation.

Improve your business performance by getting clear on the why.

If you know you need to generate more concrete reasons why you want to achieve your goals, then follow this simple process now to clarify your key motivators.

1. Refresh yourself with the What: Write down your over-arching goals or targets – what are you aiming for in your business? (These will already be listed in your business plan).
2. Get clear on The Why: Imagine these goals are already your reality and think about what your life would be like. How does it feel? What does it enable you to achieve? What difference will it make with respect to your relationships, family, health, time, community involvement…..Spend time writing as much as you can about WHY it is important to you to achieve these goals.
3. Make the Why present in your daily life: This step is all about ensuring you engage with your reasons why and keep them present as you go about your daily work. If you regularly refer to your list you will be better equipped to push on through those tough times and reach your targets. Here are a few suggestions – and we encourage you to get creative here!

  • Write down your whys and create a daily ritual of reading through your list – before you start work for the day, at morning tea, or when you are feeling a bit tired during the day.
  • Create a colourful visual representation of the whys you have identified so you can be regularly reminded of the value of achieving your goals. Display this poster on a wall where you will see it often and get excited.
  • Share your whys with a friend or colleague and invite them share theirs with you. Set up a weekly or monthly time to connect and chat with that person to keep them fresh in your mind.

4.  Celebrate! When you achieve your goals, or steps towards your goals, take the time to reflect on the fact that you are now closer to being able to live out your whys.

Reconnecting with your motivation will impact on business performance!

It is so important to be clear on what you want to achieve, and you will help yourself get there if you are also clear on why you want this so much. Share your inspirations with us here and inspire others to do the same!

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