Jun 28

Take the chaos and time out of social media with Hootsuite!

HootSuite - Social Media DashboardWelcome to the second edition of Toolkit Tuesday.

Today's tool takes the chaos, time, and confusion out of Social Media. We first came across Hootsuite when working with our Social Media mentor Jo Dodds. At the time, we knew that social media was crucial to our business, but the reality was that it felt too confusing and time consuming to contemplate doing (and although I hate to admit it, we did keep putting it off)!

Hootsuite is widely used by a huge number of business owners, as it is a hugely effective and efficient tool for managing your social media. Essentially, Hootsuite is a dashboard from which you can manage all your social media platforms – twitter, facebook, and linked in among others. It has a huge range of functions – allowing you to post live or scheduled tweets, create streams to manage your lists, watch your followers, and check out direct messages, mentions and re-tweets.


We now use hootsuite to manage all our online social media and have found a number of benefits:

  • the basic version is FREE and its incredibly easy to use

  • hootsuite is a one-stop-shop, meaning you save time while working on social media as you only have to log into one place to manage ALL your accounts

  • you can organise the layout to suit you, creating lists and chunking things together making it very easy to respond to your followers

  • The pro version is still very cheap ($9.99 per month) and allows a host of additional features which DO make hootsuite even better. We upgraded to the pro-version and haven't looked back!

  • One of the key benefits of the pro version is that you can automate tweets, facebook posts and linked in updates, meaning you can be much more efficient with your time.

So – based on our own experience, we highly recommend that you sign up for a FREE account with hootsuite and stop making those excuses as to why you don't use social media to grow your business! Click on any of the links in thie blog post to take a look!

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  • Artoutloudnz

    Hi Jo and Janine, lookking into and considering this one – just a little head’s up that the pro version has a free 30 day trial and that the price has now gone up to $9.99 per month – I imagine that is U.S Dollars? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

    • Thanks for this Stacey, I have updated the post to $9.99/month for the pro version. To clarify, the pro version has a free 30 day trial AND there is also a FREE VERSION that you can use (with a lot less functions than the pro version, of course).

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