Oct 28

How to boost your positive business vibes


As Friday draws to a close (if you are reading this on a Friday!) we invite you to to take 5 to reflect on all the positives you are currently experiencing through your business.


There will always be things you could improve, and that is often where we focus our attention, but there will be a whole host of reasons that got you into this business and it will be a huge boost to take 5 to recognise what is already showing up for you.

There are numerous benefits to doing this including inducing a positive state of mind, gaining perspective on what you have actually achieved in your business, and that old law of attraction we all know about… vibe out on the positives and you'll bring more your way!


How to boost your business positivity

  1. Think back to why you chose to step out in your business journey – what did you hope to achieve / attain? What pushed or pulled you towards entrepreneurship?

  2. Now take a look at all the positives that ARE coming your way right now and list them all… big ones, small ones, silly ones, funny ones, surprising ones…..

  3. (If it helps, think back to where you were 1, 5 or 10 years ago with your career and celebrate all the things you no longer have to do because you work for YOURSELF and all the things you are now able to do because you are your own boss!

  4. Congratulate yourself on the proactive way in which you are bringing these things into your life and your business.


Walking the talk

Here goes for me (Jo):

  1. I wanted a challenge, I wanted to learn more about how I could contribute to my community, I wanted to be my own boss, choose my hours, reap the financial benefits of all my hard work. I wanted to combine all the things I am passionate about and good at, and then be as effective as possible at sharing these talents and passions with others. I wanted to empower others to challenge norms, question expectations and create their own dream lifestyles through business!

  2. I do get to choose my own hours. I definitely face lots of good, juicy challenges. I am my own boss (and kept in line by lovely business partner J9). I am constantly learning about myself. Not yet reaping all the financial benefits but I have no doubts this will come. I am sharing my passions with others and starting to contribute to community. This is part of our plan to develop in this area… exciting!

  3. I can honestly say I've always really enjoyed my jobs prior to setting up LYSB so it's great to look back and see how far I've come, but I don't look back and think "Thank goodness!".

  4. Celebrate… well it feels great to recognise all these positives. I definitely have a tendency to focus on what is still left to do, where the gaps are and what the challenges are so it's great to remind myself of all the benefits I am already experiencing through our business.

Your turn

I'd love to hear from you ALL about the positives that are coming your way through your business (and I have no doubt that through acknowledging and sharing these positives you will attract even more in your direction!).

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  • Hobby Parent

    I find that when I let go of the need to make money, find gratitude for my work and my talents, and allow myself to truly enjoy my work, doors open in unexpected ways and people find their way to meet me. True joy.

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