Oct 16

How to boost your creativity and reduce stress by bringing nature into your work!

So often our work means we are inside, computer bound, and surrounded by electronic devices and stale air.

Does your work space lend itself to stress?

While these electronic tools are hugely useful for work, they also create an environment that lends itself to stress, suck your energy and can often detract from your ability to get creative.

We all know it must be good for us to breath in fresh air and choose, from time to time, to surround ourselves with living breathing plants and fresh air as opposed to humming beeping machines – and this can only be good for our stress levels too!

So for today, in the spirit of bringing creativity, adventure and fun into your business, try the following ideas for connecting with nature.

How to boost your creativity and reduce stress by bringing nature into your work!

  • find the park or green-space closest to you and GO THERE! On your next lunch break / afternoon break…..simple but effective

  • Arrange to have a meeting with yourself or with someone else in this park. Take your coloured pens and some paper and take half an hour there to focus in on your goals for the next 12 months (you may be surprised at how creative you can be in that environment)

  • schedule a walk in your nearest beach / forest / park / river into your diary. Guaranteed that even if it feels like a challenge to take the time out, you will work more effectively when you get back.

  • Bring nature into your work! Do you have any plants in your work space? This is a very easy one

    and if you know you are unlikely to remember to water then, try starting off with a cactus!

  • Get hold of some photos / images of natural scenes and put them up around your work space or on your computer desktop so you can surround yourself in a virtual sense with natural images.

Try as many or as few as appeal to you and of course there are numerous other ways in which you can engage with nature. – this shouldn't feel like hard work and remember the aim is to inspire creativity and your enjoyment of nature as part of your work…..

And do let us know how you get on and what the impact is for you.

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  • Kama

    Some great suggestions for bring nature and work together. Nature is so inspiring for our creativity and so often as you say we remain stuck inside and missing out on nature.

    • Thanks for your comments Kama…is there anything specific that you do to connect with nature in your work? Jo

  • Kris

    Great simple ideas. I live 5 minutes from the beach but last visited there with the children in tow. Must try harder 🙂

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