Sep 09

Boost Your Business Performance this Free Your Mind Friday

Want to FREE YOUR MIND this Friday?

Welcome to this installment of Free Your Mind Friday, where we focus on cultivating a MAGIC mindset that is going to get us where we want to be in life.

Last week we addressed the taboo of saying no.

This week we invite you to take 5 minutes and reflect on taking time out.


Have you ever had that experience where you get out of town, perhaps it feels like hard work to actually make it happen, but as soon as you get into a new environment you realise how much you needed a break. And when you do return home you feel super refreshed, and find you are working much more efficiently than you were before?

Me too – and it happens time and time again. I'm constantly surprised by how much my performance at work increase and my levels of stress decrease when I take time out.

Now I'm starting to recognise this pattern and learn from it – the result being that I'm more consciously booking in small breaks ahead of time,so I can constantly reap the benefits of making it happen!


Does your business performance suffer cos you never take time out?


Too often as busy women entrepreneurs, we try to do it all. We are wearing multiple hats in our business and trying to be the expert at product delivery, marketing, promotion, networking, accounts…… And often this all sits alongside family commitments, a desire for a healthy and active lifestyle and the rest.

So its no wonder that we put ourselves last and never take time out.

But what are the consequences of this – on your personal life, your stress levels, on your business performance?



A key to stress relief is booking time out


When was the last time you took time for yourself to do something you REALLY enjoy? It might be half an hour to sit in the sun with a cup of tea and a good book, or half a day to go for a walk and enjoy the birds?

Now before you start with all the reasons why its too hard to make it happen (and yes there are plenty of good ones), think about the consequences of NOT taking this time out.

It can often feel easier to plough on through and keep working, but ultimately you know that if you don't look after yourself by taking breaks, you:

  • feel overwhelmed

  • don't work nearly as efficiently as you usually do

  • maintain a level of stress that isn't healthy!

  • Transfer the stress over to your personal relationships

  • under perform in business (and other areas of life!)

Now this may all sound a little dramatic, but seriously – what impact does it have on you when you choose not to look after yourself?

4 steps to stress relief and improved business performance!

Free your mind this Friday by booking in some time out:

Here are 4 steps to making it happen:


  1. Get out your diary and find a time in the next 2 weeks where you could block out your diary. (It could be half an hour or half a day – the point is not how long you take, but that you make it important)

  2. Plan what you will do – what would really feel like a change of scene and a change of headspace? Coffee in the sun? A couple of hours to check out a new shop that's opened? Half a day to treat yourself? And remember it is important that this time is for YOU (ie not a chance to catch up on the ironing, or tick something off that you are doing out of obligation for a friend!)

  3. Tell someone else about it. Having someone to hold you accountable could be helpful. Pick someone who can give you a friendly reminder!

  4. Look at how to make it a regular occurrence. Lets be realistic – you may not want to book in a whole day off a week! But if you agree that taking time out is useful in boosting your business performance and in stress relief, why not make it regular?


Now you know I wouldn't talk about this and encourage you to do it if I wasn't walking the talk myself – so here's what I've booked in:

  • A long weekend of mountain biking with friends late October

  • A day off next week to explore my new city (I'm moving to Christchurch) on bicycle!

Good luck with making this happen. I've no doubt that once we make time out for ourselves important, the effects flow on to all other areas of life – and I'd love to hear of your experience, so please share your thoughts here!

And as always, please let us know what you book in and when, or if you even feel that time out is important with respect to stress management and business performance – we've love to hear your thoughts!

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