Oct 25

Adventures in Small Business: how to make it happen

Our series on bringing fun, adventure and creativity into your business continues! (Take a read here to find out why we think this is important for business performance and stress relief).

Today, it's about ensuring adventure comes into your business.

We've talked about adventure in small business before and are so passionate we want to discuss it again. 

What is adventure?

If I had to rattle off a definition of adventure, I'd say it's something out of the ordinary, something that challenges me, an event outside my comfort zone, something which may have surprising results, something which I'll look back on with positive memories…..

If you want something more concrete than that, the Websters Dictionary defines adventure as:

  • an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks

  • an exciting or remarkable experience

  • an enterprise involving financial risk.

We may all have our own interpretation of adventure – but the likely hood is that if you are reading this you must be up for adventure in your life and business….. some would say that simply the act of starting your own small business is an adventure and I'd agree! It certainly covers all three of Websters criteria.

How to bring adventure into your business:

Given that you must be an adventurous person to have even started a business you will likely have your own ideas about how to carry on this spirit of adventure and we'd love to hear your ideas… in the meantime here are some of ours:

  • plan in an annual adventure with your business partner, team, employees, or women from a local network to ensure you challenge yourselves

  • take on a business challenge like the 30-day blog challenge I'm currently in the middle of

  • think of one thing that you have been putting off due to fear, and do it!

  • re-examine HOW you do things. Could you be more adventurous in the way in which you work e.g. using more colour, getting off your computer, taking breaks more often?

  • ensure you have adventure outside of work. Nurturing your adventurous spirit in your play time will no doubt make it easier to be adventurous while you are at work.

So there are some ideas from us – your turn to share yours! We'd love to hear them.

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