Oct 30

Values in business: how to assess the strength of your values.



When you have time to reflect on your business (or your personal life) and look at the big picture, you may at times notice that something is missing. Perhaps there is something you want to do but never have time for, or maybe it's something that you know you'd like to include but it always falls off your radar.



Adventure as a Value

I was talking with a friend last night about how our lives had not had as much adventure recently as we would have liked. It's easier when you are traveling or working in the outdoors full time as we both used to, to feel like every day is an adventure. But with house buying, settling down, careers and tarting up businesses, other aspects of life can fall off to the side. We decided that we obviously weren't prioritising adventure enough, so that's why it wasn't happening.

In business, however, I feel I have plenty of adventure. Janine and I are constantly looking at how we can work in ways that tap into our spirit of adventure and we have an Annual LYSB Adventure in our manifesto… it's so important to us that we have committed to making it happen at least once per year.

How values play out in business

Interestingly, adventure is written down as one of the core values which guides Love Your Small Business. We felt adventure was so central to us as people living to our fullest that we wanted to ensure our work not only supported us to carry on being adventurous, but also encouraged our clients to be as well.

The upshot of this for me is recognising what we all know – that our values guide our decisions and will form the basis for the way we live, work and play.

What role do values play in your business and life?

Sounds like a silly question – but are you clear on the core values that define you and how you want to live out your business and your life?

  • Could you rattle them off and explain to an eager listener WHY these particular values are hugely important to you and your business?

  • Are you happy with how those values are guiding you right now?

  • If you were to always life by your values, would you be happy with were they would take you in business and in life?

  • Could your current value list (or lack of) be a contributing factor to those aspects you feel are currently missing from your business?

  • Do you keep your values visibly present in your work / life and actively use them to guide your decision making?

Values will determine your business performance!

If you are like the majority of women entrepreneurs who started out in small business to create the lifestyle you always dreamed of, then this will be particularly important.

If you feel something is missing or things aren't going quite as you had hoped, then check in with your values to see if the reason lies in there!

Ultimately your values will play a big factor in determining your business performance and the personal benefits that you stand to gain from your work. So do take some time to look at your values, clearly define what they are, and keep them present so you can be constantly guided by them.

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