Sep 28

This Ultimate Blog Challenge will boost your business performance

It's official – we are signed up for the October Ultimate Blogging Challenge and we want buddies!!!

What's it all about? Very simply, this blogging challenge is designed to help you get into a great habit with blogging so the idea is you commit to posting one blog per day through the whole of October…. they say it takes 30 days to form a habit!

How does this challenge relate to business performance?

Why join up: There are several reasons why joining this challenge will be good:

  • the accountability means you're more likely to follow through (after all if you make it public,  you've gotta do it!)
  • Great way to form a blogging habit
  • The organisers send out of email support during the month to keep you inspired, remind you of your commitment, and provide ideas. 
  • Blogging regularly has numerous benefits for your business, including increased traffic (and therefore sales) to your site, visibility, credibility, networking, and past challengees have reported associated increases in twitter and facebook numbers.


Give your Business Performance a Boost with this challenge

So – now that we've put it out there that this is what we're doing, why don't you join us? We'd love to support the LYSB community to get out there with blogging and this free challenge could be just what you need!

(And if there's anything you'd like us to blog about in the coming month or any other time, do leave us a comment to let us know!)

Here's to the October Ultimate Blog Challenge!

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  • Way to go Jo love your action taking. What’s the link to the comp to make it easy for our followers to sign up and join us?!!!

  • whoops! Meant to put the link in…. (and its not too late to join)
    We’d love some buddies!!!

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