Oct 19

The role of a rose and a thorn in your current business performence

The rose, the thorn, the bud and the spade

We all know it’s important to stop working on the detail from time to time and look at the big picture, but sometimes that can feel too hard!

So – here is an easy and fun way for the creative, visual, right-brained thinkers to do this and quickly provide some feedback for yourself.

Creative Approaches

Picture a rose in your mind complete with:

  • a fully open, beautiful flower expressing the true potential of the rose
  • a thorn, detracting somewhat from the overall flower
  • a bud, newly emerging and full of promise
  • a spade, leaning up against the garden fence and a tool in hand to help with the health of the plant.

Got that?

Now apply it to yourself and your business:

The role of the rose and the thorn in your current business performance:

  • flower: in what areas are you blossoming through your strengths, reaching your full potential currently?
  • Thorn: what are your current challenges – the thorn(s) in your side holding you back?
  • Bud: where do you see opportunity for you or your business to bloom in the future?
  • Tools: what tools do you have at hand to help you continue to grow and to address your challenges.

A simple way to analyse your current performance and move forward with your business (or your personal situation).

Are you up for it?

We’d love to hear what you think or what comes to mind with your flower!

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