Oct 06

The role of accountability and commitment in achieving your goals and boosting your performance

Several situations have cropped up recently which have illustrated the true value (in terms of business and personal performance) of taking goal setting one step further: and that is the role of commitment and accountability.

October is shaping up to be a month of habits!

I'll start by sharing these two situations:

  • I've committed to completing my morning daily practice EVERY day in October… I know on a rational level that this can only be positive, and hope that after 31 days I will have established great habits but some mornings in these early stages it is hard to drag myself out of bed and it's tempting to stay tucked up for an extra half an hour. What I've observed is that for now while the benefits of completing my morning practice are not yet fully visible or tangible, what actually gets me out of bed is knowing I've made the commitment to myself and not wanting to let myself down.

    • I'm also in the early stages of the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month – meaning I have committed to posting one blog entry every day for a month (what is it about October habits!). Even though, once again, I fully buy into the benefits of completing a blog post every day, some days it feels like more hassle than it's worth or I just don't feel inspired. But this one is serious… it's not just my own sense of having made a commitment that keeps me motivated, this one is public! Others will actually know if I don't keep to my promise and although no one is actually checking up on me to make sure I complete this challenge, there is a group mindset that is holding me accountable! The thought of other people's disapproval is a huge motivator for me so the external accountability is very motivating (and great in these early stages while I'm still establishing my habit).


    The role of accountability and commitment in achieving your goals and improving business performance

    My observation overall is that once I've set goals, a huge contributing factor in my success is how committed and accountable I feel. I KNOW and understand the myriad reasons why its so great to have morning routines and to blog daily and all those other things, but sometimes I just need a little support to make it happen!

    This all makes me very excited as I'm just about to have the first of many phone calls with our new accountability partner. As part of the Mastermind Group Janine and I joined, we have been paired with an accountability partner – the purpose of which is pretty obvious. I am looking forward to establishing this routine and having someone who is cheering for me, keeping me accountable and who hopefully can also tell me when I just need to pull my head in and get on with things!


    Taking goal setting one step further: commitment and accountability

    My learning is therefore taccountability, goal setting, business performancehat sometimes I need to take goal setting one step further beyond the actual setting of the goal to establish a deeper commitment and set up some accountability. If this is going to increase my chances of achieving my goal and boost my business performance to boot, then why not!

    And before you read on, check out the definition of accountability in the image on the left! It's all about integrity.

    What about you? 

    • How do you hold yourself accountable when you have set goals and honour the commitment you have made to yourself?

    • Do you believe there is value in having someone else to hold you accountable?

    • Could you establish an accountability buddy for any goals you have set recently?

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    • Fantastic post!
      So true!
      Keeping a blog has kept me accountable in such positive ways!! 🙂

      • Hi Mary – I’m glad it’s not just me then! Are you enjoying your blogging? I’m off to have a good look but at first glance impressive! It’s great to see your use of different media with your artwork as part of your blog… got me thinking 🙂

    • Jo, it’s been said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and October has 31 days so I think you are right on track for successful habits. An accountability partner is wonderful, especially when you have someone with the type of personality who will not allow you to beg off, and setting goals are what work for me. When my goals are in writing (otherwise it’s just a dream) I can check off each accomplishment.

      Great post and nice to meet you. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Great challenge and reading this has kicked me up a notch so thank you. I am a firm believer of put it in writing which was the very first blog I wrote when I decided that I would start my first blog site…..now I think I will have to follow in your footsteps and challenge myself….a blog a day seems rather scary but maybe I will ‘put it in writing’ and start the first of November.

      • You are very welcome Tessa! It’s funny isn’t it how difficult it can be to follow your own advice! Great to hear you are thinking of doing this blog challenge – let us know how you get on. Jo

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