Oct 18

Do you have to become obsessed with your business to succeed?

Jo and I are passionate about connecting our tribe of creative, entrepreneurial women with tools to help them create their dream lifestyle business. Books have had to huge part to play as a development tool for us so this series of posts is all about sharing the book love. It'll be featuring some of the transformational books that have had a big impact on our lives in the hope that they will rock your boat a little too!

Self-discovery is a big part of the journey to successful entreprenurism and it is often a life-changing book that can trigger the change or 'aha' you need to lift your game.

I've just started reading Napolean Hill's famous book 'Think and Grow Rich'  as  part of a kick ass Mastermind Program Jo and I have recently joined (check out WEMastermind to find out more).

This book comes highly recommended as a tool for developing the mindset you need to succeed at whatever it is you have set out to achieve.

What has Napolean Hill's famous book 'Think and Grow Rich' got to teach women entrepreneurs about creating the lifestyle business of their dreams?

Napolian Hill talks a lot about the need to have a burning desire if you are going to achieve what you set out to achieve. He uses words like dominating obsession….win or perish….willing to burn all ships and cut all sources of retreat in order to maintain that burning desire to win which is essential to success.  It's powerful stuff and it got me thinking…..

Does your business have to become a dominating obsession in order for you to succeed?

What do you think? If this is the case, I'm not sure I'm so keen to jump on the bandwagon after all! What about the healthly part-time lifestyle business I am busy creating right now – is there such a thing as a healthy obsession as opposed to a dominating one, which sounds kinda repressive to me. It's liberation I am after not repression!!!

We'd love to hear what you think? Do successful people get there because they are totally obsessed by their business or life goal? Is this something you want for yourself? What's the difference between a passion and an obsession and do you want to role model yourself after Napolean Hill's examples of businessmen who were totally obsessed with their end goal?

Are you obsessed with your business and do you want to be?

Comments below please!!!

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  • Ooh like this distinction J9 – maybe it’s a fine line! I think for me, our business is a passion and something I’m deeply connected to and motivated in, but I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with it. I’d say (or like to believe) that a healthy focus, belief, passion and motivation are enough (when coupled with effective planning) to lead to business success.
    Possibly depends also on what one deems as “business success”!

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